Mamas, are you lucky enough to have happy eaters? Because I truly am not. Kids are fussy and no matter how much variety of taste and health you serve in plate, kids always eat as per their moods. One way to fulfil all their nutritional needs is by feeding them a wholesome meal.

Majority of expert nutritionist are now recommending to adopt a vegan diet. And there are multiple reasons to go vegan. You just need to focus that your child eats the right vegetables and grains to gain the right nutrition. So, if you are planning to go vegan, here are some unique food items you can make and serve to your children.

1. Banana Pudding: Being a dessert, this recipe provides the right nutrition to your kid.
● Banana
● Vanilla rice milk
● Coconut oil
● Cocoa powder
● Vanilla essence
● Flax seeds
Method :
1. Peel bananas and chop it into small peices. Mash the bananas.
2. Add flax seeds to the bowl and mash it properly.
3. Add cocoa powder, vanilla essence and mix it well.
4. Now add coconut oil and rice milk.
5. Mix well and serve the pudding.

2. Vegan French Toast : Here is a rich and healthy version of French Toast that you can serve to your little one.
● Bananas
● Vegan Bread
● Vanilla
● Soy milk
● Cinnamon
● All spice mix
1. Take bananas in a blender jar along with soy milk, vanilla and spice mix. Blend it into a smooth mixture.
2. Pour the mixture onto a plate.
3. Take a pan and heat it on medium flame. Place the bread slice in the mixture to get evenly coated.
4. Add some coconut oil to the pan and put the bread slice on it.
5. Fry it properly till it turns golden brown.
6. Serve with a dollop of maple syrup and banana slices.

3. Vegan Lassi : This recipe is a perfect alternative to that traditional full fat lassi. Serve your kids a glass full of health and nutrition.
● Soy yogurt
● Cumin powder
● Rock salt
● Cardomom powder
● Rose water
● Cane sugar
● Warm water
1. Add all the ingredients together in a blender and run it.
2. Blend it nicely and serve in a glass.

Note : You can add any fruit of your choice while blending to make it more nutritious.

4. Vegan Fries : Loved by all, french fries are something kids have on top of their menu. Here is the vegan version of it.
● Potatoes
● Green onions
● Paprika
● Olive oil
● Garlic
● Onion
● Salt
● Pepper
1. Take oil in a pan. Add chopped garlic and onions and saute it for few minutes.
2. Add sliced potatoes, and cook it until it softens.
3. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well and cook it for few more minutes.
4. Allow it to cool and serve.

Kid friendly vegan meals are easy and quick to make. Knowing the recipes and ingredients , you can cook some delicious snacks for your little one and give him all the nutrients needed for the growth and development of his mind and body.


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