Are you an insomniac? Because I surely am and I often wake up irritated and exhausted in the morning. With a bag of responsibilities, work and stress on our shoulders, we often fail to have a good night sleep and blame our screens. The real culprit behind sleeplessness is not just screen time, but there are many factors that empowers this devil and leave us exhausted the whole day.

Do you know, a healthy adult requires 7-9 hours of sound sleep per day. Now ask yourself, are you getting the required? I guess many of us aren’t.

Nutrition and Diet, Ofcourse, are also a reason of not sleeping well. Eating a balanced diet before sleep time is the key. You must avoid, heavy, spicy dinners late at night. Caffeine intake in form of pills, soda, coffee and other drinks also cause sleeplessness. Adults have low metabolism and caffeine effects lasts longer in adults.

There is a routine of exercises that you should be following before bed time to get sound sleep. We are here with highly recommended exercises that calm your racing mind to physical movements and release tension before bed. Let’s have a look to some of the most effective exercises that will help you to sleep well at night.

1. Bodyweight Exercises : If you stick to a light bodyweight exercise routine before bedtime, it will helps you fall asleep. Within an hour before bed, so a few sets of crunches and leg raises. Lunges are good too. Do not do rapid and sudden movements. Do it slowly and deliberately. Do not get your heart rate high before bed. You can even go for a run or a walk before sleeping.

2. Breathing Exercises : Doing deep breathing exercises just before bed time are very beneficial. Lie down in bed or sit straight with your trunk grounded. Take deep, slow breaths and do the belly breathing. Inhale for three counts, hold it for two. Then exhale slowly for four counts. Do it when your mind is relaxed and you will feel the difference.

3. Yoga Exercises: Do simple yoga poses before bed and avoid those that cause stress and inversions. Do not stress your body by doing heavy moves like wheel or headstand at night. Focus on basic poses and maintain the right posture with your ankles, knees and shoulders.

4. Visual Movements : Practice visualisation exersices to calm down. Schedule, practice and commit to it before going to bed. It is simple and easy to implement. Count to 100 and distract your brain. Erase your thoughts and slow down your brain. Give five minutes of quiet time to relax your mind. Close your eyes and bring yourself back to a more relaxed place or a vacation spot. Stay in this moment until you drift off to sleep.

5. Stretching : Release the stressed joints like your hips and back. Lie on your fornt and arch your back and stretch. Do butterfly stretches before bed time to get a good night sleep.


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