After birth, your little miracle will throw a lots or surprises like your baby’s first gummy smile, first solid food and first time rolling over. In between these milestones, lies some freaking crazy moments like waking up at 3 AM and playing, crying when you hand him to someone else, and throwing objects again and again on floor. So today, I will be sharing some super weird stages of your baby’s growth and development and how can you get over them faster.

Phase#1: She loves to drop stuff over and over.

When it starts: Around 6 months

What is this behavior? When your baby was an infant and she accidentally dropped a toy, she assumed that it was gone. But now when she is 6 months older, she knows that things exist and this is known as permanence. Dropping things again and again from a height becomes a game for your baby and is completely a normal part of her development.

Get over it : This stage gets over by the time your baby is 15 months old. It is quite tiring to pick up utensils or toys every time your baby drops them. But doing it each time will give more power to your baby. So feel free to end the game once she drops any object.

Phase#2: Your Baby Screams When Anyone New Holds Him.

When it starts: 7 months

Stanger Anxiety. Yes, your baby is suffering from stranger anxiety. You might have noticed that once he was fine with being around anyone but he is not now. He may scream and cry when you hand him to someone else. You may feel embarrassing but this is the ability to differentiate between you and someone unfamiliar. It is a step forward towards development and you should be happy about this.

Get over it: This phase passes gradually passes when your little one is about 15 months. Try to warm up your kid before handing him to any stranger.

Phase#3: She gets more food on her face than in her mouth.

When it starts: 7 to 9 months

Expecting sophistication from your 8 months old baby is a no-no. You think your baby’s goal at lunch is to eat? Ha! A meal is entertaining for other reasons. He loved to play with mashed and boiled potatoes. This is the stage when they enter into independence, so if your child is playing with food, let him do that.

Get over it: Do not take away her spoon. She is learning to feed herself and needs practice. She will be a pro in eating by herself by her second birthday. Till then don’t be shocked if she remains a clumsy eater.

Phase#4: After developing a sleep routine, she suddenly starts waking up in the wee hours.

When it starts: About 9 months

This is a sign that your baby is about to hit a major milestone like standing or crawling. This is sleep regression as she is channeling all her energy into this skill.

Get over it: Make your baby comfortable and leave her alone so that she may sleeps on her own. Follow a bed-time routine and you will see her resuming back soon.

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