Have you ever thought why some kids are irresponsible, mischievous, and rude? We often ignore all these traits of a child by saying “kids will be kids”. But the truth is, kids, turn out exactly how we raise them. We just get busy giving them the perfect education, perfect health, perfect lifestyle and career. What about the emotional aspect? The majority of parents these days are so consumed by their child’s academic performance that they tend to overlook the mental and emotional part of their development.

I have seen parents pat their child’s back when she gets top grades. Of course, they should, after all encouraging a child to do better is very important. But what if she tells you that she shared her food with her friend or she gave that fancy hairband to a poor girl selling balloons outside the school? Be honest about your reactions of telling her the price of that fancy hairband. This is how the whole class of wrong behavior starts. But you can change that starting right now itself. Now is the right time to cultivate kindness and politeness in your child because once they grow up, the ball will be in their court.

Tips to raise a kinder child

1. Teach them to accept mistakes: Be fair even during hard times. Getting into an argument at home is quite natural but making up after those silly fights is important. Your children learn a lot when they are young. If they see you accepting your mistakes and making up to your spouse, they will adapt to the same thing. So, encourage your child to own up to her mistakes each time she makes one. This will help her to grow up into a calmer human.

2. Adopt a pet: Families with pets have kinder and empathetic children. Caring for a pet makes a child kind-hearted and gives her a sense of responsibility. She learns how to take care of an animal which in turn makes her kind and compassionate. Children who grow up with pets turn out to be happier and more compassionate.

3. Be Kind: It all starts with you. Your child is at an age where she mirrors your actions and thinks of you as a role model. You are her first teacher so try to be much kinder when you are with her. The things you say or do around her should reflect the value you want her to grow with. While talking to local vendors and shopkeepers be kind in your actions and words. The more she witnesses your loving behavior the more she is going to adapt it so choose your words wisely.

4. Embrace a positive behavior: Positivity, happiness and kindness are closely linked. Embrace positivity if you want your child to be more grateful. Encourage your child to look at the sky and appreciate the surroundings. Bring your child a step closer to mother nature and tech her to be grateful for the singing birds, the shiny stars, the fragrant roses and the green grass.

5. Pray often: Teach your child to pray often. It will make her humble and believe in happy endings. Praying will help her to be grateful for the life she has got and bring out the kindness in her heart.

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