We all are born with temperament, less or more being the only difference. As your child grows, you will realize behavioral changes in him. Some children are much calmer but other are just tough to handle. If you feel that you are a parent ro a stubborn child, please take a note that you are not alone. Its alright for kids to be stubborn in their young age. But handling them in a proper way will make them a kind adult. Toddlers and teenagers are often considered tough to handle.

Stubbornness is a part of personality of some children while some get stubborn to assert their will. So, it is your lot to teach your child how to express their feelings and handle stress. If you are also struggling to find ways to deal with your stubborn child, keep reading on!

1. Establish a connection: Forcing a child what he doesn’t want to do makes him more rebellious, so never force them for anything. It is well known fact that kids always do what they are not asked to. So if you want your child to study instead of watching the television, try watching with them. This way, after a short while, you can ask them if they want to complete their homework.

2. Stop Arguing: Stubborn children are always ready for an argument. So don’t give them a chance to indulge into one. It’s better to lend a listening ear to whatever your child says and turn it into a conversation. When they will observe you listening their side of story, they will start doing the same.

3. Step into their shoes: Try to understand your child’s point of view and figure out the reason for his misbehavior. For an instance, if you promised him to go for a walk and you ended up late due to some official work, try to explain them the situation. Your child will see this as a broken promise and may misbehave. So try calming him down by setting an outing afterwards.

4. Encourage positivity: Stop using the words like ‘no’,’can’t’, ‘won’t’ in front of your child. Present a positive attitude at all times. Show a positive outlook of things rather than being negative about them. This will let them have a right approach towards life.

5. Maintain peaceful surroundings: Make sure that your home is a happy place where your child feels secure and comfortable. Try to be polite to everyone and avoid raising your voice. Children usually imitate what they observe so solve the conflicts peacefully.

6. Develop Routines: Set daily routines and stick to them strictly. This can improve your child’s behavior as well as performance. A bedtime routine, eating routine, playing routine will lead to a happy and healthy kid.

Stubborn kids are not bad. They often turn out to be achievers in every aspect of life. You just need to practise effective discipline to save them from going into a wrong direction. Your dedication is enough to turn them into kind and responsible adults.


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