And here comes the toughest part of parenthood, “vaccinating your little one”. Immunization, indeed, is a scary thing for both parents and the baby. Seeing your little one bursting into tears for like hours is something you never want to witness in life. But the fact is these little monsters do have a bright side and are equally important for your baby’s health.

According to WHO, proper vaccination has prevented over 10 million deaths in the past five years. Along with these facts, there are a lot of myths about vaccinations. So, today we are going to unwrap the facts behind these common myths.

Myth 1: Vaccination routine can be delayed
Fact: Many of the parents delayed the vaccination schedule of their little ones due to covid pandemic. But, one should always stay up-to-date on routine as delaying can be harmful for your baby’s health.

Myth 2: Vaccination make babies sick
Fact : Vaccines will not make your little one sick. However, babies may experience mild soreness at the injection site and a low grade fever, but these symptoms disappear quickly. Serious side-effects from vaccines rarely occur. Babies get fine in a couple of days after vaccination.

Myth 3: Vaccines contain toxic substances
Fact: A fixed dosage of vaccine can never be toxic. Any substance when consumed in large quantities can be toxic. Some vaccines contain formaldehyde and aluminium but these are in a very less amount that they are not harmful for health.

Myth 4 : Vaccines overload baby’s immune system
Fact: There is no need to worry as babies often require a lot of vaccinations in a short span of time. Their immune system is not affected by vaccination. Delaying vaccination may cause an outbreak of diseases like measles or chickenpox. So skipping vaccines is not safer for children.

Myth 5: Vaccines cause Autism
Fact: Vaccines don’t cause autism. There are hundreds of studies that have shown that there is no connection between vaccination and autism. Still, many parents believe that vaccines caused their child’s autism. Autism has nothing to do with vaccination as it is a disorder caused due to neurological defects in children.

Myth 6: Babies will get naturally immune with age, so there is no need of vaccines
Fact: Vaccination allows your child to build immunity for the diseases that can cause serious health problems. These diseases can even be life threatening for them. All these diseases can be avoided by having a single dose of vaccine. A recommended dose of these vaccines can provide your baby with all the protection that he needs.

Myth 6: If everyone around the baby is immune, then my baby doesn’t need to be vaccinated.
Fact: Getting your baby vaccinated is like wrapping him in a protective shield; it isn’t just about protecting your baby, but also the community.

Most vaccine-preventable diseases spread through contact. When one person in a community gets the disease, it can easily spread to other people. The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer chances a disease has to spread.

Remember, failing to get your baby vaccinated on time can put her at risk. So it is important to discuss the schedule with paediatrician and get your little one immune.

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