Being into a nuclear family, I often feel to have a helping hand when it comes to handle the baby. Technology is certainly playing a helping hand in many aspects of life and parenting is no exception. There are plenty of educational and entertainment apps for kids and with this stay home thing, these apps have become essential. If you are wondering to get some help as a new mom or dad, here are some apps that are specifically designed for parents to make your lives easier and bring a little joy at the same time.

Top apps to make parenting easy

1. Artkive : A wonderful tool to preserve your kids art. Your kid might be creating some amazing arts and crafts while staying indoors. So, you photograph all the creative stuff and upload it to the app. The app offers printing options such as collages, mosaic and large prints. These prints may be given as a birthday or a christmas present for the family. It adds a personal touch and your kid also loves seeing this admiration.

2. Bright Parenting : An educational app for parents that offer advice on all aspects of parenting. It’s like an online guru that teaches you how to communicate with your children or how to inculcate discipline and moral values in children. The app provides suggestions and clarity on good parenting.

3. Cloud Baby Monitor : It is a perfect app for families with newborns. It is equipped with helpful features like noise and motion alerts with an additional feature of checking your newborn remotely. It has a monitor which enables you to communicate with your baby. The motion sensors give you an alert about your baby’s movement and you can even see them through a camera.

4. Peanut : It is a free app that helps moms to get in touch with other moms and share their motherhood experiences. It is just like a dating app, where you automatically get matched to local moms from your area who are going through the same things as you. It is a great way to maintain a social life even in this quarantine era.

5. Youtube kids : A babysitter in itseld where you can make saperate profiles according to the age group of your children. It is slick and fun to use and your children can enjoy sperate programs to their siblings. You can decide and give permissions to your kids regarding searching and watching the content. It also has homeschooling options along with crash courses for high school students.

6. Jenzy : A kids shoe sizing app that guarantees a perfect fit for your baby. It can be sometimes difficult to judge the shoe size of your children, even with measurements. This app allows an easier shopping experience to shop for your kids shoes. Just send a picture of your kid’s foot and app will let you go through brands and sizes. All of this is done online and the perfect pair is delivered at your door step.


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