Buying a pair of shoes for your kids can be one of the most challenging tasks. Kids these days love to wear trendy looking shoes and make comfort as the second choice. As parents, you would be considering the latter first. But, with the Adidas Kids’ Duramo 9 Running Shoe, both these things are sorted.

This pair of shoes is not just comfortable; they are made to suit the need of today’s generation. This shoe is made of 100% other fibers and comes with a rubber sole. With this, your kid might not experience a fall when they are running around in the playground. The sole is pretty sturdy and offers an amazing grip. Another best thing about this shoe is the measurement of the shaft.

It is approximately low-top from the arch, and it is a regular fit shoe. It also provides ample breathing space for the feet. Since it is a unisex shoe, it can be worn by both girls and boys. Adidas, one of the ace players in the shoe manufacturing sector, has come up with this shoe with an extra lining and an Adiwear outsole.

Kids would get a feel of wearing a pair of their favorite sportsperson shoes. As there are a lot of colors, both the girls and the boys can pick according to their taste. The mesh design adds to the aesthetic appearance of the shoes.

You could always gift your kid with this pair of shoes and make them feel happy. Having this shoe can be quite a beneficial thing as it can be worn casually for a sportive look and can be worn to the playground while playing for a sporty look.

Also, you can team this shoe with your football attire and hit the grounds and play your heart’s content. The pillow-soft cushioning makes it one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes, and most of the kids are loving it because of these reasons.

This shoe is a perfect choice for those with small feet as it provides a lot of breathing space. So, for all those kids who are not willing to compromise on comfort, quality, and trend, this is the shoe to be bought. Considering buying this light-weighted shoe would make your feet feel great. Carrying yourselves to the ground would become joyous as you need not drag your feet across wearing a pair of shoes that have the weight of metal.


• Light-weight
• Renowned brand
• Sturdiness
• Looks cool
• Value for money


• Availability issues due to huge demand
• A lot of color choices creates confusion


This pair of shoes has to be considered by those kids who are keen on having designer shoes from a renowned brand. This is a great product in terms of quality, cost, and also the design.

We recommend this product because of the choices it comes with in terms of colors. Though it is a unisex shoe, there is a lot of pastel and delicate colors too that one might choose from. The overall rating of this shoe is 4.6, and most of the customers have liked it.

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