The festival of lights is particularly famous among kids as they enjoy lighting diyas and bursting crackers. It is celebrated with much fun and fervour all around but kids look forward to receiving diwali gifts. They feel special as we shower our blessings and love upon them. If you are looking forward for some options to gift to your children, here are some finest ideas you can consider for your child.

1. Gadgets : Kids these days are very advance and are well familiar with gadgets. If your kids love gadgets, gift him one on Diwali. Gadgets like smart watch, toy laptop or a smart learning tablet are some useful Diwali gifts for your kids. Not only these are useful but they can keep your child happy and entertained for hours. You can browse some amazing range online. Some of these can be a great learning tool and help in developing skills of your child.

2. Clothes : Kids love dressing up for Diwali and look forward to wearing new clothes. You can buy a traditional attire for your loved one on this auspicious occasion. Try and explore different and trendy colors for a perfect ethnic look. You can choose from a variety of clothes like kurta pyjama, dhoti kurta for boys and salwar suit or lehengas for girls.

3. Crackers : For children, Diwali means crackers. They enjoy bursting crackers and wait for a whole year for this day. You can gify them a hamper full of crackers of their choice, but also be responsible enough to not to buy crackers that cause sound pollution and hurt your kids. Crackers like magic snakes, glow worms, cone fountains, sparklers and pistol poppers are entertaining and safe for kids. Keep in mind the appropriate age and ask your child to burst them under supervision.

4. Sweets: Kids and chocolates go hand in hand. Chocolates and sweets are the best gift for kids. You can customize your own hamper and fill it with assorted chocolates like truffles, milk chocolates, dry fruit chocolates, toffee bars, caramel bars and pretzels. Your kids are gonna love this box of treat. If you love cooking, you can also try making these at home.

5. Toys and Board Games : You can make their Diwali extra fun filled by gifting them their favorite toys or board games. Kids love playing games and cannot have enough toys. You can choose from an assortment of colorful toys available online. You can also gift the board games or sports games like play tents, foosball,water guns etc. If your kid loves music you can gift him a guitar or a keyboard. Robots, toy trains, limo blocks are some of the best options for kids.

Choosing the best Diwali gift for you kid can be a tedious task. Choose a gift that brings smile on your child’s face. You can show your love for him by gifting him something unique and special. Put a little effort and thought and you can get the best for him.


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