Being a parent is a tough job that requires a ton of patience and dedication. Thankfully, we have some influencers that are making this job, a tad bit easier for parents. We’ve compiled today a list of top 5 mom influencers who provide practical tips and tricks to bring up your child. Starting with the list, we have:

1. Tanya Khubchandani

Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

She’s the author of the blog ‘Mommy Diaries’ where she provides hands-on tips and tricks, to parent your child or baby. Her blog can suffice you with the necessary facts and guidance to grow your child in the healthiest way possible.
A mother of two, she’s also the author of the read ‘All You Need To Know About Parenting’, a complete baby care guide. She also posts informational and fun videos on Instagram where she shares content about her life and child care.
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2. Dr. Nimrata Bindra

Dr. Nimrata Bindra

A dentist by profession, she’s another popular mom influencer with 94k+ followers on Instagram. On the platform, she posts insightful, amusing content regarding parenting, more specifically reels with her daughter Kyra.
A passionate social media blogger she posts diverse, entertaining, and educational content that’s all about positive parenting. You get the accurate Dos and Don’ts of parenting with her content, making childcare convenient for all parents. With her large following, she also frequently collaborates with brands bringing products and services for childcare and lifestyle into the limelight.
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3. Prerna Sinha

Prerna Sinha

Author of the blog ‘Maa Of All Blogs’, Prerna Sinha has 10 years of experience as a blogger. As a mom influencer, she frequently shares experiences of motherhood, and writes about childcare and nurturing of children. Not just this but she also provides lifestyle and fitness tips for parents that can aid them in becoming better adults.
Her Instagram account consists of fun videos revolving around lifestyle, motherhood, and easy to follow parenting suggestions.
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4. Pulkit S Arora

Pulkit S Arora

Pulkit S Arora, another well-known mom influencer, posts content that covers all aspects of a woman’s life, including that of becoming a mother. Head of the blog ‘She Means Beauty’, she’s a beauty and wellness enthusiast that empowers women and helps them become better at what they do.
Primarily, a mom influencer she also shares parenting tips on her blog and social channels like Instagram that are effortless to execute. Her brand reviews and up-to-date parenting advice have made her a household name among moms.
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5. Priyal Poddar

Priyal Poddar

Last but not the least, a mom influencer from Guwahati, Priyal Poddar is the definition of a mom influencer. She’s also been awarded as the best influencer and entrepreneur and also ranked among the top 100 bloggers of 2021.
On her Instagram profile, she frequently delivers content regarding childhood care but also doesn’t shy away from sharing fun and engaging reels. Lastly, she frequently collaborates with brands and brings premium care products to the general public.
Instagram Profile

These are the top 5 mom influencers who are giving sound parenting advice and information. Let’s see who makes it onto our next list.


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