Women are so prone to Urine Track Infections & specially if you tend to use public washrooms day in, day out.

I personally have been on UTI medications so many times in the past years because you can’t logically avoid washrooms while at work or client meetings or even travelling.

However, things have changed drastically for me in last 1 year after I started carrying & using Toilet Sanitizer Sprays. Recently, there are many companies that have come in the market & literally all do a good job. I got to know about Peesafe, Toilet Sanitizer Spray during my visit to The Grub Fest last year. So, it’s technically been a year of me using these on & off. During this last 1 year, I have tried several brands & honestly, all do a good job. The way you use it is by spraying it 5 seconds before you sit on the Toilet seat & the sprays claim to kill upto 99.9% bacteria present on the toilet seat.

So, after a year of using it, the occurrence of UTIs have drastically reduced for me. These do not have any side effects. The only con with this product is that it has got a really strong alcohol spirit kind of smell so when I spray, I literally stop inhaling for few seconds otherwise if inhaled, it causes irritation in my throat.

Apart from this, I have been so pleased with the results that I thought of sharing it here in order to create awareness & help other sisters avoid UTIs. A lot of departmental stores have started stocking these while they are also available on Amazon. I personally will recommend buying pocket size packs because its easy to carry around but these do come in Big bottles too in case you want to keep one in the washroom at home.

Do feel free to share your thoughts if you have used them.


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