Motherhood brings a lot of happiness into your lives. Activities associated with managing a toddler can be interesting and keep you busy round the clock. However, the same comes with certain challenges as well. One among them is the aggressive behavior of the toddler which can be tough to tackle, but you need to find a way to control such behavior. Aggression among toddlers may due to several reasons. It can sometimes be attributed to the teething syndrome in toddlers or being unhappy over something trivial like a stolen toy or pulled hair. The occasional outbursts are not something to worry about, however, when such instances happen more often than not, then it is time for you to act on the same. Here are some positive parenting tips for aggressive toddlers.

Ways to rein in aggression

Don’t lose composure

It is very easy to lose temper while handling your toddler’s aggressive instincts. Shouting or beating is hardly going to solve the issue. Any aggression on your part can drastically affect the mental aspect of a child. It is better to deal with the child mildly and calm him down. Moreover, kids tend to copy their parents, so if your toddler sees you getting agitated then he or she might start taking it as an acceptable form of behavior.

Restrict intake of violence

There are so many areas where violence is prevalent and you need to limit your child’s exposure to these things. Allowing toddlers to play too much with toys promoting violence or see violent content can trigger off aggressive traits in them. Hence, don’t keep them involved in such activities for too long. Try to restrict toddlers’ exposure to violent toys or shows as much as possible. However, no guarantee keeping away from such sources of violence can make them peaceful. So only try to limit their exposure to things that endorse violence.

Never give in to unreasonable demands

Toddlers always demand your attention, so they will start showing their aggressive sides for the same. Parents to pacify their toddlers tend to give in to their demands, even if they happen to be unreasonable. This can only increase violent behavior among toddlers as for every want of theirs they would start flexing their muscles. So, don’t do or give everything that they demand. Even if the toddler is crying profusely resist the temptation to give in to their unnecessary demands.

Go for firm and practical gestures

Mere words won’t be adequate to dissuade your toddlers from aggression. To assist the child in conveying your message, opt for an authoritative, sensible (not angry or screaming) tone. Having said that using a “stop” or “no-no” sign along with your words would also be very effective. These things are easier said than done, but you need to practice these a lot to send the right message across to the toddler.

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