Modern parenting brings hell lot of pressure on moms and drives them crazy to be in this race of being better. But the fact is your kids don’t need as much from you as you think they do. Nothing much has changed, the way you wanted your mom to look at the Lego structure, your kids also want the same from you. They need some quality time and that cozy feeling of love. We easily get distracted by our phones and our busy schedules and on social media and we forget the truth that being a great mom isn’t about posting that super cool picture with your little one on Instagram. It’s all about the real connection we make with our babies and the memories we spent that will stick with them for lifetime.

“Mom”, the word in itself is great but if you are looking for ways to be a supermom here is my advice for achieving the status.

1. Care for yourself: If you want to take care of your child, first practice self care. Kids always look up to their moms as a role model. You need to gain energy and follow good self care habits. Mothers are expected to give up many luxuries and comforts in order to meet her baby’s needs. Do not ever follow this approach. Your kids are going to learn the same thing and they will let go their own needs to meet demands of others. Show them how to take good care of themselves.

2. Have some mommy baby time: Spend some quality time with your kid. Try involving in their school activities and encourage them to explore new interests in sports, arts. Keep reminding them that it’s okay to take a break and relax. Allow your child to make mistakes and tell them that they can be imperfect. Teach them to focus on positives and move forward in life.

3. Love yourself the way you are: You are a mom and no one can ever take off this pure title from you. Mothers are always amazing. You love your child unconditionally, what about your love for yourself? Do not criticize what you do. Stop judging yourself and see the positive self.

4. Show but not overwhelm: Manage your emotions. If you are having a bad day, and it is impacting your behavior, say to your child, “Mommy is feeling upset about something so I may be a little quieter; I just want you to know.” This type of management will help you manage mood behaviors. It also helps child to understand your behaviors and feelings.

5. Let your child be who they are: As mothers, we want to influence and shape our children. But children often know who they are and what they want. Allow your child to who they are and guide them with love and support.

Remember, a healthy mom is the foundation for creating good mom, your child needs you- a healthier version of you.

How To Be The Best Mom For Your Child?

The word, “mother”, as I feel, is the deepest word there is. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to hear that call in your child’s voice? So, why don’t you become the best mom he or she can get? Let us know how you can be, as the Most Popular Mom Blogs call it, supermom for your children.

What are your jobs?

This is something most of the New Mom Blogs wouldn’t tell you; but to be a good caring mother, you will have to take care of yourself first. Mothers are taken to sacrifice their joy for granted. Do not do it, your children will leave what they deserve. Follow these steps to make yourself a better mom;

  • Spend some quality time with each other.
  • Accept yourself because you love your baby no matter what.
  • Show your emotions with moderation.
  • Love and support your child, rather than influencing them.

A moment of attention

The main theme between the child and mother relationship has not changed. The children still want to get praised for their actions, and so will always call you when he or she has completed a drawing or made something with his building blocks. All you have to do is, acknowledge the effort and give them the required encouragement. Through this simple interaction, you can make the childhood of your kid a memorable one.


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