Cloth Diapers: Reusable and Better

The other day while I was busy counting soiled diapers of my munchkin, someone knocked at my door. It was a parcel ordered by my husband. On opening it, I found cute colorful cloth diapers. I already had heard about these reusable diapers from many of my friends and now it was time for some practical. Just like all other parenting advice and myths, the debate between cloth diapers and disposable ones is endless. The right choice is what your little one feels better.

Cloth diapers are available in cotton, terry cloth or flannel and come as prefolded piece of cloth liners. These come with a good initial expense but are way cheaper than disposable ones. I do not prefer sticking to a single type- a cloth diaper when I am home and disposable ones when I go outside. Based on my experiences I will be sharing some of the benefits of using cloth diapers and suggesting you to read Parenting Blogs in India to known more.

1. Pocket Friendly: Cloth diapers are reasonable and save money. On an average, the monthly cost of disposable diapers is Rs. 3000/- and I bought my whole collection of cloth diapers under Rs. 1500. This number may vary depending upon the quantity and brand of cloth diapers. If you are trying to save big buck then you should definitely opt for cloth diapers. A well cared cloth diaper lasts long and can be used for multiple children.

2. Environment Friendly: We Indoris love to keep our environment clean. Being an Indori I am a big advocate in doing my bit of saving environment and making the world a better place. The best way to achieve this is to reduce waste. This is the biggest reason I avoid using disposable diapers. The extensive use of disposable diapers leads to a good amount of plastic dumping.

3. Gentle on Baby: Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers are much gentle on baby’s skin. During the first few months diapers are in direct contact with your baby’s skin. As your child is spending so much time in diapers, it’s obvious to know what they are made of. Disposable diapers are made of variety of chemicals and that are harmful for baby’s skin. Avoid using disposable ones if you are conscious about his soft and supple skin.

4. Cute and Trendy: Cloth diapers are really trendy. I mean what’s cuter than a big colorful diaper on sweet little baby bum? The prints and styles are so adorable that one can’t resist having them for their little ones.

5. Easy to Potty Train: Using cloth diapers make your kid learn to use the toilets at an early stage. Kids don’t like wet sensation of a soiled diaper and are more likely to use toilet. Potty training is quite hard in disposable diapers.

6. Maintaining baby’s skin temperature: Using cloth diapers maintain your baby’s skin temperature around genitals. German scientists have found that babies who were in disposable diapers had higher skin temperature and prolong use of disposable diapers may contribute to declining sperm in males.

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