My family (Mr, myself + 2 kids) have traveled close to 9 countries together. With all these travels, we have surely identified few things that are a MUST when travelling with kids. Let me share the list of items with you all here:

1. Medicines: We learned this after a bad experience on one of our initials days of travel. Luckily, our co- traveler friends were carrying some & it saved the day for us. Before you pack anything else, please do keep these with you. I have basically created a kit of medicines that are must for my family & if we tend open the bottle during our travel, I replace it with an unpacked one once we return. Trust me, this saves a lot of anxiety & add extra fun to the holidays because you know that you are prepared.

2. Sun Screen Lotion for kids: Kids love water & there are so many places where they may get a chance for a dip or two. So, Sun Screen is a must.

3. Snacks: My family is very adventurous when it comes to food but they do need their Bikaneri Bhujiya when travelling so do consider packing so of your families favorite snacks for untimely hunger panks.

4. Swimsuits: Oh! I always use to forget packing these initially & my kids use to be sooo mad at me for missing them. The lesson was well learned & I pack these first before I pack anything else.

5. Umbrella / Rain Poncho: As per me, there is nothing worse to buy from your hard earned money than to buy an umbrella in a foreign country. So, please save that money & carry one with you.

6. Extra pair of clothes, under garments & shoes / slippers: There is never enough pair of clothes / Under Garments or Shoes when travelling with kids. Although mine are 11 & 7, I still find the need for a quick chance by evenings.

7. Something to keep them busy: Be it a book, iPad loaded with games or a drawing book & set of crayons. Just carry anything that can keep them busy & occupied while you enjoy that cup of tea.

8. International Adapter: This is another “not to miss” item. Be it phone charging or laptop, you surely need an International Adapter. So, its good to buy one from “Amazon” & one should last for years.

9. Local number or at least Data Card: During our last trip to Singapore, we opted to activate our local numbers instead of buying a local number. Every thing was going good but on one of the busy evenings, there was a long queue for taxis while a significant smaller queue for pre bookings / App bookings. We tried multiple times to book cabs via website but failed because one needs a local number to book a taxi. Eventually, a generous lady helped us by booking a cab for us via her local number. However, in Paris, Internet connection is all you need to book an Uber. So, be it internet or Local number, opt for 1 backup for navigation via Google maps or cab bookings.

So, this is my little list of things that I always carry whenever we travel. I hope this will help you & your family too while you plan for those travel adventures.

If you have any tips, please do feel free to share here!


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