Awkward as it may be, but talking about sex education is a parent’s responsibility. The basics may be covered in the health class, but your teen might not understand everyhting he or she needs to know about sex. Thats where you should step in and tell them the ABC of sex. By providing and supplementing an additional piece of information, you can set the stage of healthy sexuality for a lifetime.

Break the ice

Talking about sex is often hard to avoid as it is a staple subject. It is ever-present topic but when it comes to discussion, parents feel uncomfortable. It’s not always easy when parents and teens need to talk about it. Waiting for a perfect moment makes you miss the best opportunity of talking. Take sex education as an ongoing conversation and you will find it easy to discuss. Here are some ideas to help you get started and keep the discussion going.

● Be honest : Be honest about discussing things with your children. If you are not comfortable to talk about sex, clearly say so. But understand, its important to keep talking. If you don’t know how to answer your child’s questions, offer them to find out the answers or look for the answer together.

● Seize the opportunity : If you are watching a TV serial or a movie that is showing sexual behavior, use it as a point to start the discussion. Some everyday moments give the best opportunity to talk like riding a car or shopping for groceries.

●Be open and direct : Clearly tell your feelings about issues like oral sex, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and intercourse. Tell your children the risks involved like emotional pain, infections and other issues of having and unplanned and unprotected sex.

● Consider their point of view : Do not lecture them or discourage your teens about sexual activity. Listen to them carefully and understand their pressures and concerns.

● Show them the facts : Your teen needs to know the accurate information about sex. Provide them all the facts but it is equally inportant to talk about feelings and values. Teach them the ethics and responsibilities as per your cultural and religious beliefs.

● Be open to discuss further : Let your child know that it’s okay to discuss about sex whenever he or she has questions or doubts. Welcome them and be open if they want to talk about it

● Dont forget to address tough topics : Sex education for teens includes rape, homosexuality, abstinence, unplanned pregnancy and other tough topics. Be prepared to discuss the dark side as well.

While educating your teens about sex, make sure to tell them that Sex is an adult behavior. There’s no rush and its Ok to wait. There are many other ways to show affection like long walks, dancing, talking, holding hands and hugging. Make it clear that any type of forced sex is a rape and no always means a no. Along with this, discuss bisexuality as many teens may think that they are gay. Explain them to understand that this is just a beginning and they are yet to explore their sexual attractions. These feelings may change with time and if they don’t its perfectly fine.

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