Winters are here and it is the best time to for getting healthy and building immunity. Winters are not just about covering yourself but also about consuming warm and nutritious food. Our body changes its metabolism and energy levels during this season. Our cravings change and there is always an urge to eat more and more and go on a calorie binge during winters to feel warm and comfortable.

Our body needs extra care and protection during this season and thats why you should not eat unhealthy. You can include certain foods, spices and drinks which helps in generating natural heat in your body. There are certain foods and dietary supplements that are useful to increase your immunity and keep you warm from inside.

Here are some super delicious foods to keep you comfortable and energetic during those chilling days.

1. Nuts and Dried Fruits : Snacking on to dried fruits and nuts during winters is a great option. Figs, dates and almonds are good source of nutrition and boost immunity during winters. These nuts help you stay warm and are rich in calcium and iron. You consume them by adding into warm milk or have them directly throughout the day.

2. Root Vegetables : Roots vegetables like carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes,onion,garlic and radish. These veggies are slow to digest and generate more heat. Including more of these vegetables in your diet during winters help ypu stay warm for long. Have them boiled or grilled, they taste better when cooked in gravy or stuffed in paranthas. Some of these are seasonal, fresh and healthy for the body.

3. Ghee : A winter essential that can be used to keep warm naturally. It is rich in unsaturated fat, which is responsible to balance the heat in body and also supply it with lots of energy. It dispell the sluggishness brought on by winters. You can have ghee in form of laddoos or cook your meals in ghee. You can also enjoy ghee on hot paranthas or kulchas during winters.

4. Warm spices : Warm spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, star anise etc are best for winters. Add these spices to your food for extra flavour and warmth. These can be added to dal, curries, tea and coffee to warm up your body during winters.

5. Honey: Ditch powdered sugar and use honey as a sweetener for your winter beverages. Honey is warm in nature and keeps your body naturally warm. It can even be added in salads as dressing. However, diabetics shall take precautions while using honey during winters. Adding honey to green tea, lemon tea or warm water keeps your throat clear and cut extra fat. Having a cup of warm water with honey has many health benefits. So swap your artificial sweetners with honey this winters

So, apart from keeping your hands, head and toes covered during winters, you must follow the above-mentioned diet tips to keep warm naturally during winters. What are your diet plans this winter? Let us know in comments below.


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