Taking care of child after immunization

Vaccination schedules are the biggest nightmare for any parent. Vaccines are the real protectors but at the same time are extremely painful and come with side effects. The last time when my baby got vaccinated, was the toughest day for me. Seeing your little one in pain gives you a lot of pressure and disappointment. I kept on swaddling him, rocking him, feeding him but he just went out of control. He kept on crying, crying and crying. Our countless efforts of soothing him were a total waste of time and energy. Soon I called up my mom to ask her some tips and tricks to calm and make him sleep. Children need extra love and care after getting vaccinated and mothers are another name of love. By following a simple routine, you can certainly make the experience less stressful for the baby.

Relieving the pain after vaccination

1. Give him a lot to drink: Feeding your baby right after the vaccination calms him down. Breastfeeding also helps him distract from the pain and prevents the fever to settle in. The last time when my baby got those pinching shots, I immediately fed him. He took a good nap and kept calm.

2. Cuddle him: Cuddling a baby after vaccination makes him comfortable. Babies cry less when they are cuddled by their parents. The familiar touch makes them feel protected. Swaddling him in a warm blanket also keeps him calm but make sure not to overdress your baby.

3. Play some music: Try to distract your baby by playing his favorite song or bhajan. Playing with them while he gets injected can help to keep his mind off the pain.

4. Cool Compress/ Ice pack: I know it’s really tough to even touch the injected area but by applying ice pack you can reduce the soreness or swelling. You can also apply a cloth soaked in cold water at the site of injection.

5. Numbing medicine may soothe: A number of numbing ointments and roll-ons can help dampen the vaccination pain. Ask your pediatrician about the availability and apply it to the injected area to soothe the pain.

6. Opt for painless vaccines: Painless vaccines cause no symptoms or pain as they come with fewer antigens. You can plan with your doctor if the option is available.

7. The five S approaches: The five S approaches give instant relief after vaccination.
Swaddle the baby.
• Place him on side or stomach
• Make shushing sounds
Swing him in arms or infant swing
• Give him something to suck

Try applying gentle pressure and rub the skin after the shot is given. It prevents the area from feeling painful and swelling. For all the mothers who are worried about baby shots, you must know that a mother’s behavior accounts for about 50 percent of the distress that the baby feels during a vaccination. The vaccination may hurt your baby but the protection from the disease will last forever.


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