And it again started!! Wondering what? Sleepless nights and late mornings. No doubt, you will feel frustrated when your little munchkin who had just started taking long sleep throughout the night suddenly wakes you up frequently. Mommies often feel that there’s something wrong with the baby but let me tell you, this is a phase known as sleep regression and it is completely normal. Your child could be dealing with sleep problems and it eventually passes with given time.

If you are also facing a case of sleep regression, here is what you must know about it. So without taking much time, let’s know what actually sleep regression is and how long will it last.

What is sleep regression?

It may be understood as a period when your baby suddenly faces trouble settling down for sleep or wakes up frequently in the middle of the night. He may feel fussy or irritated and cries when you put him down.

Causes of Sleep Regression

Sleep regression may have several reasons behind it. Your baby might be uncomfortable or restless or hungry. Major factors that lead to sleep regression are:
● Your baby is growing. He may have a growth spurt which makes him extra hungry.
● Those tiny little teeth coming out may cause pain and discomfort.
● Cheer up! He is soon to reach a new developmental milestone.
● Routine disruptions like starting a daycare.
● Any illness like cold, cough, or ear infection.

How long it lasts?

About two to four weeks. It is a standard time that your baby will take to adjust to a new routine or a milestone or to recover from an illness. The time also varies from baby to baby. But you can try some sleep routines or training methods to improve your baby’s sleep.

Signs of sleep regression

Just like the period, signs also vary according to your child’s problem. Here are some signs your baby may be going through a sleep regression:

● More frequent waking
● Trouble falling asleep
● Fussy or cranky baby
● Resisting naps
● Frequent feeding sessions

When sleep regressions happen

There is no fixed time or age and it can happen any time as it has several unpredictable reasons behind it. But there are few periods when sleep regression is often seen due to the growth and development of your baby. Let’s have a look at these:

● 3-4 months: This is usually the first and the hardest of all. This one is due to various reasons like teething pain, growing hunger, and the excitement of rolling over for the first time.
● 6 months: This one is caused as babies undergo another growth spurt when they are about 6 months of age. They start taking solids and are capable of sleeping throughout the night but may wake frequently for snuggles.
● 8 to 10 months: Babies begin to crawl when they are 9 months old (some more sooner and some later) and begin to start standing by 10 months. They also feel separation anxiety and this is the reason they get up more often just to reassure your presence during the night.
● 12 months: This is the time when your baby is going to reach another milestone of taking her first steps (some may start by 14 months and some wait till they get 18 months older). Reaching such milestones causes sleep regression.

Can you Prevent It?

Unfortunately no. There is no way to prevent sleep regression as it is a part of your baby’s development and is completely normal.

You can follow a bedtime routine and sleep schedule to reduce sleep problems. Keep calm mommies, this too shall pass.

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