Baby’s Growth


A Big Milestone Achieved!!

Your bundle of joy weighs around 2 and a 1/2 pounds and is almost 15 inches long. Gradually the baby is settling down to a proper position for birth, which means trying to put the head down towards the birth canal.

Your 28 week baby has started blinking. The rapid eye movements phase, a stage where dreaming occurs, has already started. Your little dreamer can make some faces too. The baby responds to sound, pain and light as its brain development is at peak.

Challenges of The Third Trimester

A start of the third trimester, the baby bump gets bigger each day resulting in more stretch marks and itchy skin. Rubbing oil or gently massaging the particular areas with moisturizer is helpful. A hot water bath to cure dryness is an effective method too .

At seventh month pregnancy, the uterus space is getting a little snuggish, so the baby’s movement are restricted. You might take some time walking as your belly expands, you might not be that flexible too as there can be difficulty in bending. Your breasts will grow and become more heavier, the colour of the nipples become darker. You might even experience Sciatica (a tingling leg pain), your backpain is a pain that wont quit. You might feel tired soon. A heating pad, few stretches or a bed rest can help you. Your raging hormones will make the skin sensitive and dry. A dab of calamine lotion should do the trick. Avoid perfumes and deodrants. You do feel shortness of breath due to squashed lungs.

Still, even after all this, I would say this is also a beautiful time when you feel a deep bond with the baby growing in your belly. Some women also start producing milk at this time, they leak yellowish milk rich in nutrients.

You feel bloated. Try to eat small meals and frequently intervals than going for three big meals, this wont overtax your digestive system. You might feel light -headed or dizzy. Try drinking plenty of water. There can be hyperpigmentation or you can also have freckles or dark brown patches on your face called Melasma. Bleeding gums, constipation, excess mucus formation, haemorrhoids are also some side effects, but everything will be back to normal a few months after delivery. Dont stress, it is temporary.

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Diet Plays A Critical Role

Diet at this point is pivotal. This is the time when your baby develops its cognitive and visual functions, so it’s important to consume Omega3 fatty acids. Eggs, fish and seafood are a few rich sources of Omega3. Iron intake is also extremely important at this time, add more of greens in your diet .

Unwind Yourself

This is time to mentally prepare yourself for labour. Discuss the concerns and fears, pain management, fatal monitoring and breastfeeding techniques with your partner and doctor. A time to apply for your maternity leave too from your office. This is the time to be surrounded by your loved ones. Doctors visits may increase now.

Being Watchful At This Stage

A very important point to be considered in this month is, mothers with RH negative blood type will need to be injected with RH immune globulin to protect the baby from the antibodies produced in the mother’s body and to avoid any post delivery complications.

There are chances of bleeding or premature delivery too. Be Cautious…
If there is
• Bright red blood flow from vagina
• Sharp pain in the stomach
• Gush of water fluid from vagina
• Intense pelvic pain

its time to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Braxton Hicks (abdominal tightening that comes and goes) also known as false labour may continue this month (Seventh Month Pregnancy). Its important to be more vigilant this month.


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