Conclusion to the second trimester

The unborn baby is now 7 to 12 inches and may weigh between 1-2 pounds. It has a fully formed lungs and a unique set of fingerprint. The baby is headdown with its face facing your neck. The baby can flex its head and neck and tuck its chin into their chest. Now as the baby has reached 23-24 weeks, it has many facial expressions, it puts its tongue out, yawns, smiles, opens its eyes. Five senses are developed. It touches the walls of the uterus, different parts of the body. It swallows amniotic fluid for the formation of the taste buds, it also begins to differentiate between sounds. It spends a long period of time sleeping without moving, its movements are more evident daily. It changes the position several times, spins, turns, kicks. You can observe its hiccups. Hiccups are a sigh of a foetal well being. This is almost the end of the second trimester, the mother to be is excited as u are just a few months away to hold your baby in your arms, however you may have aches in your feet and legs as you are carrying extra weight. Leg cramps are veey common. Heartburns, hot flushes, backaches is a very common sign. Frequent urination will be observed as an added pressure on your bladder occurs from the growing uterus. You might even notice
• Growth of the breasts continues
• The belly button begins to turn outwards
• weight gain continues
• Baby bump is bigger ,however if its not that big for you,,dont stress as every child has a different rate of growing.

There can be different causes for this like
• First pregnancy
• Strong core pre-pregnancy
• Above average height

On the other side,some mothers to be ,can even notice that the belly belongs to a full term baby , thats normal too.

How to use this time… During this time.

☐ You can get a baby’s nursery ready,pick on some furniture
☐ Sign up for a pre- natal class
☐ Decide on the hospital for delivery
☐ Plan a babymoon ,before a big change happens in your life.

But remember to take plenty of rest as this is the utmost.

For mother’s to be, try to stick to clean, cooked meal. Continuous supply of folic acid, calcium and iron is being taken. Try to includes lots of greens, vegetables, fruits and whole grain food.

Once you enter the 6th month, doctor visits will be increased. The doctor will check the baby’s heartbeat, growth of the uterus, your limbs swelling, body weight, blood pressure, hemoglobin.

Gestational diabetes test will also be performed ,the foetus position will be monitored.

An experienced and a friendly doctor is a must have, to put you at ease. Few symptom should be discussed if you are observing them like…
Severe bleeding ,
Extreme pain while passing urine,
Less than 10 foetal movements per hour,
Water bag bursting,
More than 5 contractions in an hour

Its also crucial for the mothers to be active
Do regular exercises,
Get good 8 hours sleep,

Keep a relaxed body posture and keep feet up whenever possible,

Try to go with ther flow and not be tensed or stressed,

Try to keep your mind positive, practise breathing exercises, taking warm water bath, listening to music, watch something funny and be calm and composed.

A happy mother makes a happy baby!


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