Sterilization is of the utmost component for a newborn baby’s overall care. Chicco Bottle sterilizer ensures the efficacy of the product and makes sure about the tranquillity of a mother. As it is a well-known fact that the immaturity defense of babies remains low for the first twelve months, ever since sterilization of everyday objects prevents stomach ache, gastrointestinal and oral infections.

Why Use Sterilizer?

This is the product that makes it easier for new moms to have a daily practice of sterilization. The Chicco bottle sterilizer allows you to sanitize the objects which are in contact with the baby. The lid of the Chicco bottle sterilizer is kept close to the objects protected.
The bottle sterilizer uses steam instead of the traditional water boiling method to sterilize your baby bottles and accessories. The Chicco offers a digital bottle sterilizer that uses harmless chemicals and offers quick sterilization for on-the-go and 24-hour sterilization that offers storage. Wash the bottles, nipples, nipple cavities, and tops using mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Component of a Chicco Bottle Sterilizer

There are 12 components that come when you buy a new Chicco Bottle Sterilizer. These are:
1. Cover
2. Rack Unit
3. Motor Body
4. Base
5. Heating Plate/Container
6. Appliance Power Cord with Plug
7. Display and Button Area
8. Display
9. Cycle Start/Stop Button
10. Compactor Button
11. Main Switch On/Off Button
12. Detachable Base for Microwave

How to Use Chicco Bottle Sterilizer?

The new product line of Chicco is the most profitable product for a mother and baby. The Chicco SterilNatural allows you to choose between different models and configurations in order to sterilize effectively and easily. The steps to use Chicco bottle Sterilizer are:
1. Connect the appliance to the power supply.
2. Wash and Risen the object you want to sterilize.
3. To reduce the risk of contaminating the teats with your fingers after sterilizing them it is recommended to fit them on the cap ring before placing them in the rack.
4. Place cups above the teats ring in a slightly sloppy position, allowing steam to go inside.
5. If you are using the sterilizer for the first time, allow it to perform an empty sterilization cycle with no feeding bottle or other necessities.

Pros of a Chicco Bottle Sterilizer

1. The compact sterilizer is much quicker as compared to the mini sterilizer.
2. The Chicco Sterilizer is modular and can be detached in two parts allowing you to use as a compact sterilizer within a less space or as an extended sterilizer that has the capacity to sterilize more bottles than a compact one.

Cons of a Chicco Bottle Sterilizer

1. Limescale is accumulated on a heating plate much faster.
2. Despite descaling, the limescale comes back over the heating plate.
3. The precious counter space of the kitchen ins occupied with the sterilizer.
4. You have to remove the excess water from the heating plate after every sterilization.

Reviewing the Chicco Bottle Sterilizer

During the early days of my second baby, I stopped the use of Chicco Bottle Sterilizer at the time when he was 5 months old. I used to wash with a baby sterilizer soap and risen with drinking water before use. By the 6 months, I realized to stop using a sterilizer to build my baby’s immune system. Ever since for the 5 months, I breastfed my baby so I didn’t require as many bottles. If you are formula feeding or supplementing, a large sterilizer would probably be helpful in your daily routine.

When the Chicco Bottle Sterilizer is used in compact mode, it fits two small bottles and a pacifier or the components such as a manual hand pump. If we talk about the full-size model of the Chicco Bottle Sterilizer it would fit around six bottles, pacifiers, and pumping gear. I have stopped using it long back but still remembers that it take 10-15 minutes to warm up and sterilize the bottles.

In conclusion, the Chicco Bottle Sterilizer works well enough but you have to be vigilant to avoid limescale and then to manage it.


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