Alone, as a couple or with family, Kerala is a place to dicover in a different way. Being a travel freak, I love exploring new places, their traditions and ofcourse the food. Just before the lockdown, I visited Kerala with my family and had an incredible encounter with this lovely place for two weeks. The beauty of its landscapes, loving and welcoming people, the artistic culture and delicious food took me and I excited to share my experiences with you. After this trip, I can really assure you that this place is not less than a paradise and made my heart beat and eyes water with beauty. It’s rightly been named as “God’s own Country”.

1. Beauty of its landscapes : Kerala means ‘The land of coconuts’. I personally have never seen as many in one place. Sun is the king in Kerala and knock doors all the 8 months with just 4 months of rains. Being surrounded by tropical trees is an absolute pleasure. The backwaters are stunning and on the top of the fabulous weather, the state boasts some mesmerizing landscapes and nature. It’s so peaceful to see people living along the river banks. The beautiful views in the Alleppey region are memorable and the sunset is breath taking.

2. Hospitality from the people: I spent some great time in Kerala and realized that the inhabitants of the state are welcoming. They are warm and friendly with gazes, smiles, waves and a genuine curosity to talk to travelers. People in Kerala are really chilled out and have extra knowledge which makes them ever more easier to chat and connect.

3. Activities : There are a lot of things to do in Kerala. But I would suggest you to stay for 10 to 15 days to discover a fair amount of things. There are plenty of splendid beaches where you can have good rest and relax. You can enjoy a luxurious amd unique stay at traditional houseboat. You can have ayurvedic treatments or simply enjoy doing yoga in beautiful decors.

4. Culture : Culture and art is at the heart of the of Kerala life. It has many temples that reveals the beautiful art of the state. During your stay, you will definitely bump into one of their colorful and noisy possessions with elephats, musicians, dancers celebrating their beliefs. I loved their culture and there is no better way to immerse yourself in this lifestyle and traditions.

5. Food : The food there is spicy. Though I am not very fond of spicy food but I loved the traditional south Indian cooking style. Sambar, rasam, idli and dosas became one of my favorites of all time. I also sampled a traditional Keralese meal which was presented on a banana leaf, and was tropical and awesome.

It was a pleasure to have magnificent, surprising hotels, or downright unusual, with always with an attentive and smiling staff. At a price of an average hotel in France, you can live a luxurious experience in Kerala.

It is indeed a God’s Own Country.

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