Parenting a teenager is hard and when you have a teenage girl, its considered ever harder. The teen years are a physical, emotional and psychological slog for girls. They suddenly turn into a stubborn child whose mind is always on fire. Their friends become mean, their bodies and even their brains become centre of conversation. Their clashes with parents reach an all time high. Oh, I got hit by a sudden wave of nostalgia. When I started to engage with romance for the first time, things got worse.

Parents take these changes personally and the desires to withdraw from their own daughters are obvious. But this is the time when teenage daughters need their parents the most. So, today I will be sharing some Teenager Parenting Tips to keep you cool while handling a teenage daughter and help them to understand everything related to their body and surroundings.

1. Help her with Body Image : If you have a daughter who is more into cakes rather than gym, do not talk about dieting or her weight. Your daughter will internalize this. Never ne negative about her appearance and express a desire to lose weight in front of her. Alternatively you can cut unhealthy eating habits and make healthy choices as a family. Ditch fast food nights for grilled chicken and talk about food as a nutritious fuel. Its okay to have fast food once in a while and don’t talk about its calories or fat. Tell your daughter that physical and mental health are far more important than a number of scale.

2. Help her with Bullying : If your princess is having a full on dramatic meltdown, respect her feelings. Help her to become more assertive in these situations and prompt her to do the same. She will gain more confidence to stand for herself even at the time when negative self-awareness is at heights. If you suspect that she might be getting bullied or bullying other don’t hesitate to take away her phone or social media away.

3. Help her with relationships: Have an open conversation with your daughter about romantic relationships, adulthood, sex as early as it makes sense without judgement. Make sure the conversation is not just about sex but also about romance, healthy relationship and consent. Make this conversation holy and not technical. Teach her the importance of healthy friendships that are not marked by possession, jealousy, insults and demands. The same is true of romantic relationships. Tell your daughter that.

4. Help her Follow Rules: Set boundaries and don’t be arbitary. Crop tops, tattoos and colored strands are not the battles. Focus on the health and safety of your daughter. Teenagers are hard wired when it comes to push boundaries. Avoid taking it personally. Everything will be a fight if you do not keep calm. Allow your kids to explain themselves about their misbehavior before asking them to follow rules. Choose your battles wisely.

That’s all folks. The next time when your little princess ( who is not little anymore) asks you for a night out or a goa trip, don’t loose temperament. Allow yourself to cool down and then decide.

Happy Parenting!


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