Got married recently and planning to go for a romantic honeymoon trip? If yes, you are at the right place. No we are not going to tell you to head to Goa, Udaipur or Rishikesh in this one. We understand your anxiety of travelling during COVID and therefore we are here with a list of international destinations which are open for tourism and have limited or no cases right now. These places are taking all the necessary precautions to protect people and are ideal for honeymoon. You can just land there and relax during these times.

After all, resort honeymoons are the new reality post COVID! So, jump in and bookmark this post if you are planning a luxurious resort vacation right now!


Enjoy the luxury in beautiful poolside or beachside villas in Mauritius. The country was totally closed for tourists till November 2020 but has now opened borders for visitors. You need to have a negative COVID report or vaccination certificate to show. You know the best part, it is completely COVID free and you can travel freely across the country.

#2. Maldives

This place is now becoming the first choice for honeymoon. Even famous Bollywood celebrities seem to be heading to the Maldives right now.The country has started a bubble with India after being shut off for tourists post COVID, and resorts are now welcoming tourists with a negative COVID certificate with open arms. You can book your vacation in a luxury all-inclusive resort and just relax in this little piece of heaven.

#3. Dubai

Another nation that is welcoming Indians with open arms is Dubai. You can move around freely if you have a negative COVID report or a vaccination certificate. While they might ask you for frequent COVID tests and if you are negative you are free to move around.

#4. Seychelles

The island opened its gates for the visitors from October 2020. Those having a negative COVID report will be permitted to book and stay in a private room or villa for 3 days.Another COVID-19 test will be performed on the fifth day of your stay. Following a negative test result, visitors will be free to travel within Seychelles. On the


If you want a domestic honeymoon with the feel of an international destination, then Andamans is ideal right now. Flights to the island are open now and while you will have to undergo a COVID test and a 7 day home quarantine on arrival, but you can roam free after that in what are some of the most gorgeous beaches in India!

Planning a honeymoon during COVID time can be stressful. But if you want to enjoy those lovey-dovey moments in privacy, these places are a must visit. Make sure you follow all the safety measures and precautions while travelling to ensure complete protection. So what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and fly off to your dream destination.


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