Winters are here already and this is the season of joy, hot chocolate and holidays. A slight dip in temperature after all those warmer months is just wow. It is the time of staying indoors, getting cozy with warm soup and cuddles. So if you are an expecting couple and thinking of taking a big grocery trip for your winter essentials, stock up some essentials for your baby also. Because once the baby arrives all you need to focus on is food, pee, poop, sleep, and repeat.

All the parents of newborns and toddlers need few types of kitchen and pantry essentials for long-term use such as storage bottles, baby-friendly, utensils, and cutlery. Now you have a sweet little shopping opportunity for your baby. Let’s have a look at all those baby essentials that are a must in winters.

1. Milk Storage bottles: No, these are not feeding bottles. Milk storage bottles are different from feeding bottles. These are meant exclusively for storing milk. Made up of either glass or heatable plastic, these bottles are easy to use. Always chose a BPA free plastic bottles. Milk storage bottles are designed to bear the temperature range from freezing cold to boiling warm degrees. Invest in a set and you can use it for a long time.

2. Bottle warmers : A must have kitchen essential during winters. Bottle warmers are easy and convinient way of heating up the cold stored baby milk. These are simple and have a heating element with a temperature guage in it. Many come with tiners, cooling sections and jars for baby food. Its a great product for new parents who are not used to those traditional milk warming methods. Pick one to stay away from the worries of getting the perfect milk.

3. Breast Pumps: This little piece is a game changer for moms who are unable to feed directly due to issues like latching, work, nipple issues and so on. It can be manually operated or electric. It comes in different sizes but its important to have the one that fits your nipple.

4. Baby bowl set : One of the most adorable things to buy for babies. These are the cutest and comes in different shapes and colors. But always choose BPA free plastic, melamine or steel. Avoid going for glass ware as they may break and hurt for your loved one.

5. Baby cutlery : Cute little spoons and forks made for tiny hands. Baby cutlery comes in so many shades and shapes. Made up of safe plastic and steel, these spoons and forks are usually heat proof. Baby cuttlery are often helpful, if your baby has just started grasping. Dual scoops are also available to make the meal time better. If your baby loves colorful and animated themes try different cutlery sets with adorable characters.

We hope that you have already planned a grocery trip to buy these kitchen essentials for your baby. Do you have anything else in mind. Share with us your shopping experience.


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