The arrival of your little bundle of joy makes you feel overwhelming. You keep on searching the best products for your baby. I also kept on asking my friends and family, ” What baby items should I get?” After days and weeks of discussion we decided to buy- a crib, changing pads, diapers, stroller and then there’s the other stuff that make life earier a little bit. Babies need stuff – and lots of it! Try to stock up useful things before your baby turns 1.

So if you are planning to buy a bassinet or a craddle, here is the list of best baby gears that will definitely make your road a little bit smoother.

Essential Gears for your Baby

1. The Play Gym: A purposeful playmat which is important for your baby’s learning and development. It has five arrays and each one of it is essential for your baby’s stages providing for what they want to see, touch, explore and play as they grow. It encourage the baby to learn without overstimulating her.

2. Baby Carrier: Baby carriers and backpacks are ideal solution for you and your child to go anywhere and have a great freedom of movement. A must have for working moms. Baby carriers come in different weights and sizes with adjustable straps and pockets. These are soft and adjustable capable of providing a comfortable ride for the baby.

3. Stroller: Stroller is a great way to take your baby out of the house and get some needed fresh air. You can have a quick walk and exercise with your baby. Always opt for a full size stroller that can carry a baby from newborn to early childhood.

4. Car seat: A safe and mandatory gear for your little one. If you are planning to go for an outing, or on a long drive with your husband, its better to have a car seat for your baby. Car seat helps you and your baby to be safe and comfortable during long drives. But resist buying a used car seat as it may not be safe and may be damaged.

5. Rocking Chair: The best thing by far, I have bought for my baby. Rocking chairs are super comfortable and amazing place for you to rock your baby. It become handy to calm baby during all those night wakings and feedings in baby’s first year. It’s a good option to snuggle and read bedtime stories.

6. A portable crib: A protable crib comes in handy in every situation. You can use it as a safe place for your baby to play at homr or while traveling. They also vome with built-in diaper changing table and a removable bassinet.

7. Highchair: A highchair is a must have gear for your baby when he starts having solids. You can opt for a freestanding highchair that hooks onto a counter or a table or a portable highchair. A full size highchair with a try is easy to clean has wheels which makes the moving easy.


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