There was a time when cold and cough were ordinary diseases and the majority of us used to treat them at home. But times have changed and today even a runny nose or sore throat puts on many negative thoughts in our minds. Cold and cough are contagious throughout the year and right now we all are following all the healthy protocols to not encounter cold, cough, and fever.

Babies and children are more prone to common colds and therefore parents must be on their toes to prevent such infections. If your baby is sneezing and wheezing all day due to a cold or cough, you must run to your kitchen rather than a medical shop. So today, we are going to tell you some simple remedies to treat cold and cough in babies and infants. Toddler Parenting Tips will help you in cold and cough in babies.

Home Remedies to Treat Cold and Cough at Home.

1. Breast Milk

Breast milk is indeed a boon for newborn babies and there is no remedy greater than this natural food for newborns. Breast Milk works as a superfood and fights many infections in babies of six months of age or even older. If your little one has a cold or cough, he will feel comfortable only by your touch and regular feeds will give him satisfaction. Breast milk calms a cranky baby and also boosts immunity.

2. Nasal Drops

Nasal drops are very effective in treating blocked noses. Feeding and breathing become difficult for babies who have blocked noses and therefore they become very cranky. These drops are easily available at any medical store but you can prepare them at home also. Just mix ½ tsp salt with 8 tsp warm water. Use once the mixture cools down. Also, store it in a sterilized bowl for further use.

3. Steam

The best way to treat cold and cough at home is steam. It is a natural way to calm babies down with blocked noses and persistent coughs. Babies and infants must be given mild steam and for that run the hot tap in the bathroom and let the steam fill up the room. Take your baby inside the room. This will help to relieve cold and cough. Also, you can use steam inhalers or vaporizers for babies. But keep in mind to place the inhaler at a distance of around 6 feet from your baby.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is loaded with healing properties and is the best natural antibiotic. It plays a very important role in Indian Kitchen and is used in many home remedies. To treat your baby’s cold, mix a little turmeric with warm water and make a smooth paste. Apply this on your baby’s chest, forehead, and soles of the feet. Keep it for an hour and clean it with a wet towel. The heat of turmeric will dilute the mucus and allow it to ooze out easily.

5. Warm Mustard Oil Massage

Mustard oil is known for its healing properties. Warm a cup of mustard oil with two cloves of garlic. Massage this infused oil onto your baby’s feet, chest, back, and palms. This will make your baby comfortable and will relieve the cold and cough.

These easy home remedies are best for babies and give instant relief from cold and cough. However if your baby still has a persistent cough, fever or chills consult your pediatrician. Read Immunity Boosting Tips For Kids which will help your baby.


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