Lohri is around the corner and it’s time to start planning. It’s the time to reunite with friends and family to exchange gifts and of course to have a lot of fun and laughs. We can all agree that this year has been tough and we need some extra fun and joy. So, here is how you can make Lohri 2023 special:


Decorating your house is an important part of celebrating Lohri. You can choose to go for traditional decorations like flowers, lamps, and diyas or you can also go for modern decorations like LED lights, balloons, and streamers. Whatever your choice is, make sure to light up your house and make it warm and welcoming for all the guests.

To make the decoration more Punjabi, you can hang up pictures of deities or artworks related to Lohri. In addition, fly kites to help you get into the festive mood. Gather with all your friends and family to make the day even more special.

Visiting the Gurudwara with family:

Visiting the Gurudwara with family is a great way to make Lohri 2023 special. It’s a chance for families to come together, pray and seek blessings from the almighty. A visit to Gurudwara will bring peace of mind and soul, making it an ideal way to celebrate this joyous occasion.

The atmosphere inside the temple is serene and peaceful; you can take part in various religious activities like kirtan and langar, which are sure to uplift your spirits. You can also offer sweets or donations as a gesture of gratitude towards God. After all, what better way to start off Lohri than by seeking divine grace?

Dress nicely:

Dressing up nicely is an integral part of celebrating Lohri. It’s a great way to show your enthusiasm and appreciation for the festival. Traditional attire like salwar kameez, sarees, and Punjabi suits are always the best choice for this occasion. You can also add some fun accessories like jewelry or bandanas to give it a more festive look.

Bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, and pink are usually preferred during Lohri celebrations, but feel free to experiment with different shades of clothing if you want something more unique! No matter what you wear, make sure that it brings out your personality so that you stand out from the crowd! If you have kids at home, you can also dress them up in Punjabi outfits to make the day even more special.

Host a family dinner:

Hosting a family dinner is one of the best ways to make Lohri 2023 extra special. It’s a great opportunity for you and your family to come together, exchange gifts, and enjoy delicious traditional Punjabi food. You can also invite friends over so that everyone can have fun playing games like kabbadi or guide. Get creative with the menu by adding some unique dishes like sarso da saag or chole bhature.

Also, don’t forget to include some sweet treats like til laddoos or gajar ka halwa on the menu as these are an integral part of celebrating Lohri in India. Make sure to light up diyas and candles around your house before starting the dinner as it adds an element of joy and festivity to the atmosphere.

Organize a dance party:

Organizing a dance party is another great way to make Lohri 2023 special. It’s the perfect chance for you and your family to come together, have fun, and enjoy some traditional Punjabi music. You can invite all your friends over for an evening of dancing, feasting, and laughter.

Make sure to play popular Bhangra songs as it will help create an energetic atmosphere in which everyone can let loose and enjoy themselves. You can also organize competitions like bhangra or gidda so that everyone can take part in the festivities. If you want to add a unique touch to the event, hire professional dancers who specialize in Punjabi folk dances!

Arrange a bonfire:

Organizing a bonfire is another great way to make Lohri 2023 special. Bonfires are an integral part of the Lohri celebrations as they symbolize warmth and joy. It’s not only a fun activity but also helps create an atmosphere of togetherness and unity among family members and friends.

Gather around the fire in the evening, sing traditional Punjabi songs or dance the Bhangra, roast peanuts or popcorn over it, and exchange stories about past experiences — all these activities will help make your Lohri celebration even more memorable. You can also offer sweets like gajak or rewari to everyone gathered around the bonfire as a gesture of goodwill!

Wrapping up!

Lohri 2023 is sure to be a special one with these tips and tricks. From organizing religious activities, dressing up nicely, hosting family dinners, organizing dance parties, and arranging bonfires to offering sweets and donations — these activities will help make your Lohri celebration even more memorable.


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