Little ones are special. After their birth, we all as parents want to document each and every moment of his life. We love making memories and celebrating festivals with the little baby. Just like any other season, Christmas is also important. Being a new mom, I do have many plans to cherish this festival with my baby. It is a magical experience for everybody and these memories are going to last forever. So, this holiday season is less about giving gifts and more about some family time and moments with the new little member!

So, as Christmas is approaching, here are my plans to make this day extra special for the little human. Here are few exciting activities from my to-do list that you can really look forward to celebrate your little one’s first magical holiday season.

1. A Christmas Photoshoot : The best way to have a sneak peek of your beautiful past is to preserve those moments in albums. Christmas is the perfect occasion to start the family tradition of taking family photos every year. Photos with your little munchkin are somethimg you will cherish forever. Choose natural lights and outdoor setting for photos or decorate your indoors with Christmas theme to make it a perfect location. You can bind these photos into a coffee table book or send them as a card to your families and friends.

2. A visit to Christmas Tree farm: A small visit to a Christmas tree farm to pick your favorite tree would be an adventure for your baby. My little one enjoyed the ride and we had a good time with the entire family. You can take lots of videos and pictures.

3. Dress Up : You can make the season more exciting and perfect by dressing up your little one in different festive outfits. You can choose anything from green or red onesies and winter hats. You could go for characters like Santa, reindeer, or little elf. Your baby will look super cute in these outfits and it will make your holiday extra special. Taking photos and videos in Christmas outfits will make your photo albums more wonderful.

4. Cook up a Christmas Dinner: Sit together and have a meal time with family this holiday. Dinner with family is always fun. Add Christmas touch to your dinner recipes to make it spectacular. Think of a Christmas menu for your loved ones and look for baby friendly dishes to your holiday menu. Don’t forget to bake a plum cake and enjoy the feast with your family.

5. Get a special gift: Your little one will not remember what gift he got during his Christmas but it he will definitely enjoy his new present. Don’t go overboard to pick a special gift for your baby. You can choose either a Christmas toy or a heirloom for your baby.

Holiday season is important for you and your loved ones but do not overbook yourself. Make beautiful memories by spending good time with your folks. This is my idea of making the festival special for my baby. Do share how are you planning it for your babies.

Merry Christmas!

While doing all the fun activities during the day, you should also try sticking to the usual routine for sleeping, eating, and playing. However, no matter how you plan on spending this holiday season, from special Christmas-themed activities to special family time, you will surely be able to create a lot of beautiful memories.


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