With the pandemic hitting again, many people have started working from home. While this new normal may be a boon for some of them but many parents find themselves juggling the challenges of having to work and parent at the same time. Last year, when it was the beginning, parents found it easy and thought that this phase would be shorter and things will get back to normal. But now as time is dragging on a lot of people are finding it difficult to wrangle a toddler and working all day long. Toddler Parenting Tips will surely help you in work from home.

Toddlers are funny and delightful but to be honest they are not good co-workers. They are energetic and demand a lot of attention. So if you are working from home and need to attend an important conference call, we are here to help you with some easy tips to keep your toddler occupied. There’s got to be at least one on the list that will buy 20 minutes of quiet!

#1. Video Chat

You can easily set up a video chat for a toddler with a little pre-planning. You can plan a virtual meet with her favorite granny, babysitter, or far-away family member. This video chat will keep your little one occupied. Bonus points if the babysitter can read a story or two to keep a toddler engaged.

#2. Pillows

Toddlers love to build and destroy what they’ve built. This is fun, but if the thing they are knocking down is blocks or other toys it can be loud, especially to a parent on a conference call. Pillows are a better option, especially if kids get to go nuts and have a huge pile of couch and bed pillows to turn into forts or as jumping pits.

#3. Water Play

It isn’t safe to let a child swim while a parent is paying attention to work, but for water-loving toddlers, a water table or even a small bucket filled with water and cups to play with is an option on warmer days or for those who live in warmer climates.

#4. Audio Book

Yes, a screen will keep a toddler occupied, but audiobooks are another way for a parent to get themselves some much-needed quiet. There are plenty of toddler-friendly options on audiobook services that will keep your toddlers busy.

#5. Mini Trampoline

The best way to get toddlers to stop bouncing off the walls during the workday is to, well, let them bounce off something else instead. A mini trampoline is an option to turn an unused corner of a room into a mini gym for busy toddlers.

#6. Dry-Erase Markers

Parents who are working from home can put some of their office supplies to good use and let their toddlers occupy themselves with some dry-erase markers! No whiteboard? No problem! A mirror or window works well, too.

So if you and your partner are working from home and wondering how to keep your little bundle of joy busy, these tips will help you out.  Keep reading Parenting Blogs In India for more details.


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