Toddlers are very naughty compared to the other stages of the baby’s life. They are bubbling with energy running around and being naughty. This even though is cute is not much cute in their parent’s eyes. They make tantrums and make a mess out of the house. But today we are going to find out ways in which we are going to deal with these issues in the best way possible. We will talk about toddler food habits how to discipline your toddler in the best way, how to provide the rules to follow, and what to do if they are still being adamant and naughty.

Food habits of babies

Toddlers are required to eat around 1000 calories a day it can be done by giving 3 meals and 2 snacks. But your toddler can choose any quantity he wants to eat. For example, he can eat heavily during the snacks periods and less during meal times, or eat heavily during breakfast and barely eat during the rest of the day. This can be frustrating for parents because of the baby’s unique food eating patterns but this is completely normal for babies to do so.

Just give babies water and milk to drink don’t provide juices ass they are high in calories. I want your baby to try a new food go about it gently, don’t force it. If they don’t like it take it back and try some other time until they like it or stop trying to feed them that.
Dealing with toddlers
The toddlers are generally known to be very naughty and pretty tough to handle. So at first, we should not always criticize them we should be very positive in our approach in dealing with them. We can start by always emphatically encouraging and appreciating them when they do something good or if they do what we want.
The number of times we say positive stuff should be at least 3x more than the negative stuff. We can encourage them to do something else if they are doing anything which is not right. But even then they can be stubborn and not listen to us so we should the following stuff
Tell them you will take away their toys for a day if they continue with their tantrums
If they break something they like don’t give it back to them again tell them as you have broken it you won’t be getting it again
But still, if your little one doesn’t listen to you give soft punishments like time out. Just make them stand in a quiet corner and let their emotions come to a pause then get back to loving, praising, and hugging your child.
Physical activities
Your toddler when he goes to a creche or just to play with other toddlers of his age then he will enjoy it. Seeing them enjoy your little one will feel happy as well and they will also feel encouraged to do the same.
At this age, they cannot easily play with the other babies but by playing they can understand colors, numbers, improve their hand-eye coordination, motor skills which are good areas for your baby to develop at. You can also take your toddler to some classes in which are developed for toddlers to easily learn
So we have come to the end of the blog, remember babies learn at their own pace as different babies have the different attention span. But their attention span improves during this period which can be used to teach more advanced stuff. Remember not to be frustrated or upset by your baby by trying to teach or play advanced things. What are the toddler parenting tips you found the most helpful or do you have a toddler parenting tip we have missed out on do comment below?


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