The next wave of covid is here and people are gearing up for it are you and your kids prepared to fight the 3rd wave in this article we are going to talk about how to make sure your kids can be best equipped to protect from the 3rd wave


Sanitize your hands and all the things you buy and bring from outside to your house to do this use hand wash, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant sprays. Using these will make sure you and all your goods are all virus-free

Improve immunity

There are a lot of ways to improve immunity the things we recommend here are immunity pills (these are found in medical or mainly wellness-focused shops), in Indian style we have hame made ayurvedic remedies like milk with turmeric, pepper, and honey or inhaling vapors with eucalyptus oil doing this can disinfect your throat, lungs, and nose where the virus tends to stay and for general immunity use, there is mix available called kabasura kudineer it is an ayurvedic mix which had showed great improvements in patients immunity and has also been approved by Tamil Nadu govt for its usage. 


Make sure you get your kids all the vaccinations following the proper schedule. This includes all vaccinations not only for covid but also others like polio so your kid is protected from deadly diseases. 

The schedules must be always created after consulting a doctor as some kids need special attention


Exercising and physical activity is a must for boosting immunity and overall mental health. It should be done in a way that is not too much especially if you already have a fever then you should do it lightly.

Playing outside is also good for your health. It gets u some fresh air and also makes you feel rejuvenated.


Eat lots of vegetables and fruits that are good for your health avoid eating junk foods especially from street vendors cause they don’t usually follow good enough hygiene practices to keep the food. 

Take in fruits and vegetables with a lot of vitamin c content as it helps in boosting immunity. Some examples are oranges, gooseberry(amala), lemon, etc. But don’t give them when they already have a cold cause this might aggravate the problem.

Also, take in foods containing omega-3 fatty acids these also help in developing the brain. Eating fish and meat can help you get enough of it

Always maintain distance

Make sure to follow the six feet rule wherever applicable this will help you to avoid the virus which spreads in the air a little more effectively when someone sneezes. Even accidental touches can be avoided which can transfer covid when if it was in contact with infected objects.

Use of masks

This is common and everyone should wear it but be careful for babies as babies don’t have very developed lungs so breathing through it might be an issue for them. If you use some low-quality or handmade ones then be careful cause they might inhale that thing and it might block the throat or lungs.

For sick kids

If your kid is having sickness and any other health issues you should be consulting the doctor immediately. You should also follow the instructions given by the doctor to ensure a speedy recovery.


Quarantine is the best way to prevent the disease from spreading to others. If you have tested positive for covid make sure that you stay in a separate room and take necessary precautions for the infection to not spread.

We have come to the end of this article if you feel that we have missed a great point feel free to comment below.


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