Are you having problems while dealing with disrespectful teenagers? This is the problem encountered by many parents. If you happen to be single then parenting a teenage daughter can be extremely challenging. However, it is not a hopeless scenario. There are some parenting tips for Teenage daughters. Do not press the panic button. Disrespect is natural when youngsters make a transition from childhood to adulthood. Here are some tips to deftly handle disrespectful and often rebellious teenage daughters.

Ways to tackle disrespectful teenage daughters

Establish norms on acceptable behavior

You need to be clear with teenage daughters regarding rules on proper behavior and communication. For instance, you can ask them to be a bit courteous while talking to people and be more sensitive to older people. While framing these rules it is mandatory to involve your daughter in the discussions. This gives you the authority to correct them when they go off the radar of acceptable behavior. This way the teenager would feel more inclined to act more responsibly.

Target behavior, not the person

If you want to flag improper behavior, then your focus should only be on the behavior and your feeling on the same. Stay clear of making any comment on the daughter’s personality or character. For example, instead of saying that she was ill-mannered, you should tell her how much you got hurt when she spoke like that. This way she won’t get offended and strive to be more careful while using words.

Understand their emotional upheavals

Sometimes disrespect on the part of daughters can be attributed to emotional needs not getting met. And sometimes such behavior can be a ploy to get attention. On other occasions, it is due to a feeling of not getting accepted. In such situations assure your daughters that you are always there for them and tell them that you love them unconditionally. This way they won’t feel isolated and burdened by the emotional disturbances they are experiencing.

Ignore minor ones but not major ones

It won’t be a bad idea to ignore mildly disrespectful behavior such as shrugging the shoulders or raised eyebrows, etc. Such gestures are normal and very much part of formative years. Disciplining such minor acts can make the teenage daughter resentful and prompt her to behave badly in the future. However, extreme rudeness is a strict no. Such unpleasant behavior should not be tolerated at any cost.

Do not indulge in pointless arguments

There is no point in arguing with a disrespectful teenager as it will not bring in the desired results. However, arguments can easily exaggerate the matter and lead to a major fight. So, it is better to remain calm and solve the matter amicably without getting into unnecessary word exchanges.


Teen years can be tough for both daughters and their parents. Blatant bad behavior of teenagers is a humongous challenge for parents to overcome. The aforementioned tips can help tackle such behaviors


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