Some people are lucky, I mean they are born with an Angel’s face while there are some like me who are not so lucky. Honest intentions are not visible to people who constantly judge you & try to pull you down at every possible opportunity ALWAYS!! At every point of life, be it personal or work, I am bound to get judged for being fearless & badass.

Although these things are too pitiful to pull me down BUT to be honest, it does create a little stir within & it does take time to get back to your shameless self.

So, Let me quickly share some tips to help you feel better & move on:

1. Don’t seek opinions: As long as you know what you are doing & it doesn’t hurt the other person, don’t ask others what they think about you. They are free to create opinions & there is no rule or compulsion to hear that.

2. Keep your vision clear: There will be a lot of people who will take the credit if things go in your favor & double the people to blame you if things don’t go as planned. Just keep your mind & vision clear. Your inputs, your role, your efforts in a focussed manner because at the end of the day, you will be the best judge of whatever comes your way & how you handle it.

3. Stay Positive: Read darling Read!! There are times when you need to seek external help & guidance in order to keep going. So, I highly recommend you to read self- enriching books OR consider seeking professional help, if ever required.

4. Know your Strengths: Nobody knows you as you do (does this statement even make any sense?;)) Be Aware of your strengths & If you know what you are good at and what your setbacks are, you’re less likely to be affected by what others say or think about you.

I hope these little points help you. I practice writing on a daily basis about things or situations I am proud of getting through & honest self talks about how a certain situation could have been handled in a better manner. This helps me become more open to criticism or judgments that I come across & helps me stay afloat with life with enthusiasm & a positive mindset.

I truly hope that society gradually learns to accept whatever we are & how we choose to act in a given situation or whatever we plan to do with our life at the end of the day.

Read the blog Overcome your fears which is really helpful.

Tight Hugs,
Mansi Rana


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