If you are a cat-loving person, as much as you like to have your pet cat join you on all of your vacations, it isn’t easy to take them. Generally, cats are creatures of habit here; they don’t care much for the change in routine and the type of scenery they can get on vacation.

Some of the cats become very nervous in unfamiliar situations. It may be in a car. Here they might start meowing loudly, or they can even get sick due to fear. Here are some tips on how to calm down a cat while traveling. It can be conducive to calming down your cat while traveling long distances.

1. It is seen that familiar Smells will help your cat to stay calm.

Some of the cats love to travel. It is because they are accustomed to it as kittens. But some cats need extra help and care to stay calm. When traveling, a person needs to maintain some sense of routine for the kitty. This will help to make the little cat calm. Here you have to make sure that you bring all the cat’s necessities. This may include cat food, bowls, toys, travel-sized litter, and even a small bed or blanket.

2. It would help if you played with your cat before you left for traveling.

This is another way to calm down a cat while traveling. If you are taking your cat traveling, you should always try to play with your cat a lot before traveling. In this way, it will feel sleepier. This may include a wand chase or even a red laser pointer. This can consist of lots of jumping and running. This will make him feel ready to snuggle down for the long journey on the road.

3. You can take a test drive before traveling.

If you have a cat that has never ridden in a car before or has been for a very long time, you should take a test drive first. It would be best to have a friendly and comfortable cat carrier that will buckle into the car. In this way, you can take your kitty on a short drive. Here you should note down all the things that make it nervous and all the things that are helping it to calm down.

4. It would help if you were careful with the temperature and cat food.

It would be best to make sure that the weather is not too cold or not too hot. The temperature in the car should be standard. It would be best to be mindful of the sun rays coming from the windows. You may want to put a shade on the windows or a light cover on your cat’s carrier. Cat owners need to protect their pet from overheating.

5. You should always stay Near Your Cat.

It is often seen that some of the cats often feel calmer on the road when someone is sitting next to them. If you see that your cat gets nervous, you can speak softly to your cat. It would be best to keep a passenger seat next to your cat. You can put a comforting hand next to the carrier and speak to her soothingly.


If you are not sure how to calm down a cat while traveling, follow the above tips.These are some of the tips that can help you calm down your pet. If you can calm your pet it will be easier to take them along with you as you travel.


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