My mother never allowed snacking as she firmly believed that snacks spoil appetite. As a kid, I was very fond of snacking and munching and loved to eat a lot of chips and popcorns. But the fact is, healthy snacking is great for toddlers and should be a staple of their diet.

Toddlers are hard when it comes to having meals. It is impossible for them to eat a complete meal at once. Getting them to sit for so long and eat a large meal is a tough task. Therefore, to fill those nutritional gaps and to keep those little tummies full, mothers must practice a habit of serving healthy snacks to toddlers.

Making a Meal-Plan

So, if you are planning to serve snacks to your tot, here is how you can maintain a healthy meal plan:

● Mini Meals : Instead of serving three complete meals a day, go for a mini meal or a snack every two to three hours. Mini meals will keep your toddler’s tummy satisfied and energetic.

● A meal schedule : Follow a meal schedule. Keep a breakdown like : breakfast, a healthy snack, mid-morning, lunch, healthy snack, dinner, again a healthy snack before bed.

● Don’t let your tot overeat: Do not let your toddler munch throughout the day. Eating all the time will lead to overeating and may cause an overweight tot.

Healthy Snack Ideas for your Tot

If you are looking for some healthy snack ideas, here is a list of nearly 25 snacks to choose from. Make sure to finely chop all the fruits and veggies and serve them at room temperatrue.

● Whole wheat crackers with mayo spread
● Apple slices with peanut butter
● Baked carrot with hummus
● Whole wheat pita with melted cheese dip
● Roasted fox nuts
● Tortilla chips with veggies and guacamole
● Soya crisps, pretzels or baked pita chips
● Baked whole grain crackers with almonds and fruit juice
● Boiled beans with tortilla chips
● Cereals with milk
● Light roasted cucumbers or bell peppers with dip
● Fruit bars with milk
● Yogurt Smoothie
● Berries topped with yogurt
● Banana slices with yogurt
● Granola with yogurt and fresh fruits
● Apple, peach or pear cooked with cinnamon and topped with yogurt
● Veg and cheese roll
● Mini veggie whole wheat pizza
● Dried fruits
● Egg salad with cooked veggies
● Cottage cheese with peaches, pineapple and bananas
● Graham cracker sandwich filled with frozen yogurt and banana
● Graham cracker with cream cheese or apple sauce
● A bowl of boiled mixed vegetables sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Tips for successful toddler snacking

Your little tot may throw tantrums. Here are some tips to encourage healthy snacking.

● Make it colorful : While serving snacks to kids, try to use as many colors as possible. Colors look attractive and beautiful and when foods come in natural and vibrant color they have more nutritional value. Include berries, tomatoes, kiwis, oranges, melons and yams in your toddler’s plate.

● Keep sugar and salt to a minimum : Eating foods with high sugar and salt content can lead to health problems later in life, including high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and more. So, keep those sweet and salty snacks to a minimum now and you’ll have an easier time getting them to eat right as they get older.

● Consider giving him a snack before bed : A toddler’s blood sugar may dip during a long night’s sleep which can lead to your little one waking up before he should. A snack before bedtime (or even a nap) can help him settle sooner and sleep better.

If you want to get information related to the Healthy Eating Habits For Kids then you should follow the given and make your kid healthier.


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