We all are awaiting the onset of summer and it is time to face the heat, literally. People normally head to cool and cozy locales during this period. In fact, most of us long for a break. This is the perfect occasion to unwind a bit, but do not throw away any healthy habits in the process. In fact, summers are ideal for healthy practices in terms of what you consume and the way you stay fit. There are some foods to improve immunity in toddlers, kids and adults, so follow the diet regimen religiously. Apart from food habits, there are other useful tips to stay healthy during the sweltering heat.

Some important ways to remain healthy during the summer

Keep Infections at bay

Summer is also a time that brings several infections and allergies into our lives. Do, it becomes imperative to take corrective measures to stay in the pink of the health. To protect you from germs and bacteria, triggering infection in you, there are some effective home remedies. Hence, this time go for potent home remedies for the common cold such as decoction of tulsi leaves, ajwain, ginger, palm jaggery, jeera seeds, turmeric, and pepper.

Don’t abstain from Bath

It is essential during summers to take bath in cold water at least twice a day. This keeps you fresh and energetic. It won’t be a bad idea to put some Dettol into the water you are intending to take bath with. However, Dettol should not be used generously in the water as the chemicals in the disinfectant can damage useful bacteria in your body and this can adversely affect the immune system.

Use adequate protection against sun rays

It can be a daunting task to roam outside during summers. However, you cannot stay indoors always especially the ones who are working. In such circumstances, it is better to have protective gear like an umbrella, hat, etc to shield oneself from sun rays. If you step out without these equipments, then apart from harming your skin, you run the risk of being afflicted by dehydration and fatigue. So, be on the safer side when you are out.

Lessen the intake of Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol, coffee, etc all can lead to swift dehydration. It can be a bit harsh on some to advocate nonconsumption of these beverages but limit the intake as much as possible. Hence, it is advisable to lessen the consumption of these items especially alcohol during summers as it generates a lot of heat inside the body and leaves you dehydrated.

Consume a lot of water

This is applicable all the time but more so during summers. Don’t leave yourself thirsty for long periods and try to have water constantly. It is quite common to sweat profusely during summers which can lead to dehydration, triggering off unpleasant health complications. Thus, try to drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water on a daily basis.


These are some of the ideal things to do when the mercury goes up. As said previously summers bring with them lot of infection and diseases. So, it is pertinent for kids and adults to have immunity boosting foods. Hence, it goes without saying that summers can be tough only if you don’t take necessarry precautions.

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