The season of love has arrived and it need not be always celebrated with your spouses. It is a celebration of love which also includes love between your family members. Valentine unlike the popular assumption can be celebrated as a family-oriented day that can create cherished lifelong memories. In some countries, valentine’s day is also celebrated as a day of friendship. Using this as inspiration we can celebrate valentine’s day with a twist of family wholesomeness.

In this article, we are giving you a complete guide in making your valentines day the day you celebrate love with your family

  • Decorations
  • Plans
  • Photobooth
  • Dumb charades
  • Our four-legged friends
  • Orphanage


Valentine’s day, as we know, is a very red, pink, and white color schemed day with occasional sprinkles of glitter This with all the heart-shaped items makes a perfect scene for celebrating valentines day. Using red and/or heart-shaped candies, heart like decoration items, gift boxes with red heart shapes with beautiful cursive writing, and a satin light pink or white ribbon are the classic valentines day celebration


Plan on spending quality time with your family. You should be creating great ideas where you think the family will have a fun time and create wonderful memories in the process. Plan  a day  for an outing with your family this will make for a great time, go for a brunch and maybe a movie night even in the home will be a great idea have some flavored wonderful popcorn on your side my suggestion would be sour cream and cheese


Dedicate a corner of your house for a photo booth this will have all the valentine theme decorations like a red velvet background with a heart-shaped opening in the front is a great idea but being creative with your idea and custom making keeping in mind the details of your family will give you more fun and loving times with your family members.

Dumb charades

This game is as old as time but it never sizes to give the fun. Remember some of your family members might think such games are boring and they might refuse to play but when they start, they will also get into the game and have fun with everybody. So force them to play even if they don’t want to play force them to play then they will also get with the spirits.

Our four-legged friends

Remember to not forget about our furry friends they also show great amounts of love sometimes even more than us humans. You can give them nice dog and cat feeds they will appreciate it. If you give a dog the food then it will always welcome you with love.


You might think going to the orphanage is a dull and negative place but you cannot be more wrong. You can see despite difficulties these kids seem mostly happy. When you donate some nice food see how they cheer up and be thankful to you. This will also remind you and your fellow family members to not take things for granted and be grateful.

We have come to the end of the article so if you feel you have better ways to spend the day of love then please do let us know.


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