Without Party, Holi will not be celebrated appropriately. In all areas, parties are organized by several committees or teams. At every Holi celebration, all relatives and friends are invited, so anyone cannot enjoy properly without a party. Here are some of the best ideas that make Holi a superb festival with a party. You can make a paperless announcement of the Holi celebration function that may help you to organize the Holi party differently.

Live DJ Music Party

Without Bollywood music, Holi would not be celebrated. Music is such a thing that it adds to the joy of Holi. If there is live music then, even more, we can be enjoyed. For this, you can book a band or DJ. And you can play your favorite song like “Holi khele raghubira (Baghban)”, “Rang barse bheege chunar waali” (Silsila) “Balam Pichkari (Ye Jawani Hai Diwani)”, “Holi ke din khil jate hain(Sholay)”, etc.

With music, you can enjoy yourself more at this festival. You can host a musical show with traditional music instruments like Dhol, Jhal, Manjira, etc., where you will get the authentic beat and a different level of enjoyment. A puppet show with music can be organized for kids.

Eco-friendly Holi

You can play eco-friendly Holi. You can use organic Gulal or colors instead of colored water so that there will be no harm to the body, and wastage of water has also been avoided. You can play Holi with natural colors too. To play an eco-friendly Holi, we need to dress up as Radha Krishna and play Holi with flowers in addition to music that creates a memorable impact.

Normal colors have lead oxide, copper sulfate, mercury sulfite, etc., which may cause skin cancer, eye allergy, temporary blindness, etc., after excessive use of chemical colors. You can make herbal colors with vegetables or fruits like bit root, turmeric, black grapes, spinach or mint, etc. Stay away from using plastic as it cause side effects on the environment. You can prepare an eco-friendly bone fire for Holika Dahan, and it may not get much effect on the environment.

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Bollywood Dress code

In Holi, you can be ready to dress like a Bollywood theme dress as you can wear different popular movie-themed dresses. This is an entirely filmy-style party idea. You can invite your guest and give party dress so that your party will be more spectacular.

If all the people are seen in different costumes, there will be different feelings and fun. Apart from this white dress is also included for playing Holi as colors are visible and make our dress colorful.

Street food Party

We can all feel hungry after having fun in Holi. Holi is a foodie’s festival, but street food is something else. We can arrange varieties of street food separate counters in party areas like Golgappa, Chat, Dahi Bhalla, pav-bhaji, lassi, chanchh, Chinese food, bhelpuri, etc.

With Street Food, you can enhance your party even more beautiful. This is an excellent idea, and you will get many appreciations from the party’s participants.

Evening Gulal party

Evening Gulal party celebrated in Bihar. At this Gulal party, traditional music will be played with traditional foods and organic colors. House is also fully decorated for this Gulal party.

Many family friends gather at the Gulal party and put some Gulal on everyone’s face. Everybody should wear new clothes to the party. Every age of people come across and celebrate the Gulal party in their unique style.


Above are all the topics related to the main festival of Hindu that is Holi. We need to follow these points while celebrating Holi. It will help us to celebrate differently. Holi is the symbol of spreading love and peace among society, so we need to celebrate Holi, keeping all precautionary measures hygienically.


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