Holi, known as the festival of colours, is celebrated with gusto in India, especially in north India. The celebrations usually start in the morning with family reunions and then spraying colours on one another. It is a time to rejoice and live the moment. However, the festival is incomplete without some delicacies. There are innumerable Indian blogs on vegetarian foods dedicated to the Holi festival. These contain some essential cuisine for the festive occasion and healthy eating tips for kids as well as adults. We have chosen five popular dishes out of those that define the festival.

Five flavouful delicacies to thave this Holi


This makes for a perfect breakfast and very much in vogue in states such as Jharkhand and Bihar. It happens to be a fried preparation containing rice, dal, chillies and garlic, and an absolute must for Holi. This goes with an accompaniment called Ghugni. This is a tasty curry prepared with black chickpeas ( chana). So, just try this delicacy this festival and make the occassion really special.


A blockbuster creation apt for the event. It is a milk-based cooling drink nourished with nuts and spices, and at times mixed with an intoxicant called bhaang (a hallucinogenic). A commom feature in North India (Benaras happens to be the thandai centre), the celebrations are incomplete without Thandai. This has got medicinal benefits as well. Additional, it is ideal to beat the searing heat in the month of March across the nation.

Namak Para/ Shakar Para

These are identical twins and sweetened variants of similar dish. Namak Para and Shakar Para are a hit with the population in West India, especially Gujarat. These happen to be fried dough dishes that are crunchy and can be eaten as a mid-day snack. These go well with tea. These can soothe your senses especially after the endless festivities.

Puran Poli

This is another enticing preparation that you can’t afford to miss. Puran Poli can be made with ease and is very light and delicious. It is stuffed with chana dal and sugar and something that you would indulge in multiple times without experiencing any kind of fatigue.

Almond Malai Kulfi

This happens to be a heady mix of condensed milk, cream, dry fruits and saffron. Kulfi, as we all know, is a perfect dessert to have during summers. This can be easily prepared at home with the aforementioned ingredients. So, just chill out with Almond Malai Kulfi this Holi.


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