Getting pregnant is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. However, throughout your journey, you may feel frustrated at times. From eating habits to sleeping posture, pregnant women get a lot of advice from their friends, relatives and doctors. Pregnant women are constantly being told what to do and what to avoid. Listening to that advice doesn’t make it easier, but rather builds a rocky road in your journey. Mothers get highly confused and it becomes hard for them to keep track of what’s right and what’s not. Here we are going to debunk some common Big fat pregnancy myths so that you can enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey.

Some Big Fat Pregnancy Myths –

#1. Ditch The Gym
#2. Eat for two
#3. Love Making is a Big No
#4. No Pet Cats
#5. A Glass of Wine Never Hurts

#1. Ditch The Gym:

One of the biggest big fat pregnancy Myths are workouts, Exercises and Daily walks are a big No!! Oh Really? Don’t you think it’s pretty unfair for the mom-to-be to just be seated on the couch the whole day? Mommy, you will get many explanations of skipping the gym during pregnancy but many experts say that in most of the cases light work outs and walks are a great way to control the body weight and prepare the body for normal birthing. A moderate work out of 30 minutes daily is must to maintain a healthy pregnancy. However, heavy sports and workout must be avoided as they may cause some complications. Talk to your gyn/OB for some pregnancy-safe workouts and include them in your daily routine.

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#2. Eat for two:

We completely understand your food cravings but pregnancy isn’t about hogging all the time. As they say, you don’t need to “ eat for two”. A pregnant lady needs only 300 calories extra to fill her cup and be energetic. If you are starting your pregnancy at a normal weight, you don’t need to pig out. Infact, maintaining a healthy weight throughout the pregnancy is essential for you as well as your baby. Being overweight may cause other pregnancy complications and we are sure you don’t want that. Make sure that you are eating a diet rich in calcium, iron and folate.

#3. Love Making is a Big No:

Wait, what? Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is harmful for the baby. Don’t you want to laugh out louder after reading this? It’s the biggest myth ever. Love making never hurts the baby until and unless you are having a healthy pregnancy. Your baby is safe inside the pool of water and that pool is again surrounded by thick muscles of the uterus. So there’s no way you are going to hurt the baby while having sex. But we would always suggest listening to your GYN/OB regarding this.

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#4. No Pet Cats:

Stop, just Stop! Cats can be a part of your family even when you are pregnant. You can cuddle them, speak to them, stroke them, feed them and snuggle up with them. The only thing that you should avoid is to take care of their poop. Yes, you are not allowed to touch or pick up their poop as it contains a parasite which may cause infections. It may lead to miscarriage or birth defects but the chances are very low. Still to be on a safer side, you must avoid being around your cat’s poop.

#5. A Glass of Wine Never Hurts:

Be It your wedding anniversary or an office party, choosing a few sips of champagne to set the mood lighter is never a good choice. Though it’s completely a personal choice to drink or not, studies have proved that drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Pregnant women should completely cut off alcohol and avoid having even a sip of it. No amount of alcohol shall be consumed during pregnancy to avoid complications.


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