It is likely for most of us to go through the ups and downs in our professional life due to many events in personal life. For women, the most challenging phase of life is getting pregnant and delivering a baby. This change not only affects the body but her soul to many aspiring and confident woman head to let go of her career for this beautiful phase. But after a point of time, it hurts. Yes, you read that right! It is hard! It hurts emotionally to give up your career goals and dreams for which you had worked hard all your life. But then opportunities do knock the door!

it is all about grabbing the opportunity when it knocks your door. But wait, even to grab the opportunity what are the challenges we have to overcome? There are many questions which often haunt us before starting phase two of our career.

1) What should come first, my family or my career?
2) Will I be able to raise a healthy kid with a job?
3) What will happen when I won’t be around my child?
4) Am I really becoming over conscious about my career?

Well, the list of question is never-ending. You will face lots of self-doubts and even opposition at many points in time because of societies still believes that a child is a mother’s sole responsibility. Luckily man in our house is changing those stereotypes.

A Quick Guide for Starting Phase Two of Career

1) Rewrite your resume
Mention your preferred job location and even timings if you have to. Many jobs offer remote work if you wish to you can opt for it.

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2) Be active on professional platforms for getting the right opportunity
Many professional networking sites are offering job opportunities. You will get a handful of information and even references. It is one way to convey that you are looking for a job.

3) Have a family conversation and tell everyone concerned about your wish
Ultimately at the end of the day, family matters! So have a healthy conversation to convey your wish and even be open for feedback.

4) Plan everything before starting to witness a smooth transition
Planning includes everything. Be it your child’s schedule to your grocery. With the right planning, you will face fewer problems.

5) Don’t give up when you face problems related to your family and child
Don’t feel guilty if your child is I’ll and you are not around. Even in tough times in family, be patient and just don’t give up on yourself!

6) Have a good maid to support you
A good maid will help you a lot to manage your daily chores. Have one who is trustworthy.

Hola ladies! You are good to go. With sheer confidence and dedication one can move mountains it is just about getting started once again.


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