Fear of failure is scarier than facing real failures in life. It makes you weak and helpless at many points of life instead of working with sheer dedication an encounter with fear of failure will give you chills through your spinal cord. It is a human tendency to think about failures and their consequences instead of thinking about the pros of being successful.

I have always faced an immense amount of pressure just before starting any task and even at the time of results. What is more painful is the fear of not being able to cope up with the expectations I have from myself rather than anything else. This fear has snatched away a lot of beautiful moments from me in the past but as soon as I realized it is not worth it, I fought back! Yes, I fought hard enough to defeat my fear of failure and as a result, I have a beautiful life at present!

Tips to conquer the fear of failure

As I said earlier I have had a great amount of collision with my fear of failure. These are merely not just tips but something I have always practiced to live a healthy and happy life. By practicing these you can win over your fear for sure!

1) Be Positive!

While I am saying this I meant to say, stay away from every negative remark. Negativity kills a person’s ability to think beyond the boundaries of belief. Not everyone will like what you would be capable of doing and hence they will have something negative to tell you always. Don’t just listen to them because this will create Self Doubts! Self Doubts always lead to fear of failure. By just avoiding negative remarks and staying positive you can win the half battle.

2) Love Yourself

In the race of getting better than others, we forget to love ourselves. Love for myself for me is small appreciations I give to myself when i accomplish something. even if i have cooked a new dish i pat my back! I look into the mirror and I appreciate all my flaws. I gift myself something new as and when I feel be it a plate of “Paani Puri” or a simple dress. A person who loves her/himself will never have an encounter with fear of failure.

Conquer the Fear Of Failure

3) Take Criticisms constructively

Although criticism can have a negative impact on you it is necessary to listen to them. There are genuine critics too. So when you have any negative feedback or comment on anything, take it constructively. Every criticism can make you a better performer and it is a proven tactic. But to ensure this, you need to be a good listener. You need to stay open for criticism and should take it constructively to avoid the fear of failure.

4) Indulge in Self Talk daily

Self-talk delivers unimaginable results. When you talk to yourself, you motivate and solve your self-doubts seriously. No one can do what you can do to heal yourself. It boosts self-confidence and ultimately reduces the fear of failure. During self-talk, ensure you are raising and solving queries for yourself. This will help a lot to find out ways to deal with challenges coming to your way.

Life is limited and should not be wasted in fears. Live it fully and that is what I am doing now. I believe in trusting my efforts now and do not care much about the outcomes. This has helped me a lot and I am sure it will help you a lot too!


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