The festival of colors is here. Different people remember it in different ways and hence celebrate it differently. While employees see it as a Rangoli-making week for the HRs, Bankers might see it as a holiday and a day full of Feasts. But one genuine way to celebrate Holi should be the kid’s way. But if you’re an adult and think that you cannot adapt that way, well, don’t worry, here are the 5 fun Activities and Games you should try this Holi.


This game requires 2 teams with a minimum of 2 players each. A referee so that the game is played fairly. Both the teams will be given a 10-minute time to fill their bucket with water grenades on their own, as much as they can, within the time allotment. Once the time is finished, the Teams shall start throwing balloons at each other. The team with minimum hits wins.


This is one gem of a game. This game requires a Bucket full of water balloons and an empty bottle. All the players stand in a circle, 2 meters away from the bucket. One of them will spin the bottle. Once the bottle stops spinning, the player on the bottleneck will rush to the bucket to hit the balloon to the rest of the players. Meanwhile, the rest of the players need to run away to save themselves. The Player who takes the headshot gets eliminated immediately. In case, there is no headshot, the player with minimum hits wins.

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This is a perfect Holi game for both Couples and Families. Everything goes normal like regular Dumb charades except for the punishment. In this time-bound battle between 2 teams, Team A gives a movie to the representative of Team B. The representative conveys the answers only by actions without uttering a word. If his team can guess the movie correctly in the time, they may use their water-guns, water-balloons, and even the bucket of water to punish the opponent team, else, they better be ready for the backlash.


Fill the bucket is the easiest yet skillful game to play in Holi. To perform this activity, you need 2 teams with an equal number of players. There is a starting point and an endpoint for both teams. Both the ends have 1 bucket each. The bucket at the starting point will have 30 water balloons prepared by opponent teams, while the bucket at the ending point is still empty. 1 player stands at the bucket filled with water balloons. After every 2 meters from the bucket, a player of the same team will be standing. He/she is not bound to move from that position during the game. So now, once the players have taken their positions, the game starts. 1st player will throw the water balloon from the starting position, one after one without damaging the balloon. The players will keep passing the balloon to their next team member till it is pocket into the bucket at the finishing point. The game starts at the same time, and the team with the most balloons in their finishing bucket wins.


As the name suggests, this game is a suicide mission. Just kidding! This game is usually played in 2 players but you may expect further to rush in as soon as they watch you play this. You may create a Knock-out round too. The rules are simple. A Water-Grenade is to be thrown in an upward direction but in an under-arm motion. The one who drops it or fails to catch it without bursting the balloon gets killed.

Gone are the days when people used to celebrate Holi by just applying colors and sharing sweets. It’s the 21st century. The Holi-games are in trend. There are many more Holi games you might know. Don’t forget to share with us. Have a wonderful Holi.


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