The vibrant and colorful city of Indore has a variety to offer. Be it hot and spicy street food or royal palaces, this city is full of life and offers many attractive spots to visit. Being born an brought up in Indore, I have shortlisted 7 most beautiful spots for you. So post this corona stuff, if you plan to make a trip, you are most welcome in this lively city.

1. Lotus Valley, Gulawat: If your wedding is on the way and you are looking for a scenic pre-wedding shoot, then my dear friend Lotus valley is your best bet. This lake in the valley of Gulawat has countless lotus on either side and that’s why is named so. Approx. 21 kms from the city. Lotus valley is best to capture the Mother Nature. You can also enjoy boating sessions and spot few exotic birds.

2. Janapav Hills: Get rejuvenated with the beautiful hills surrounded by dense forests. An amazing getaway of all Indoris, this is still an unexplored picnic spot. The beauty of Janapav hills enhances during monsoons and you can spend a relaxing Sunday while taking the ppictures of lush greens. This is also the birth place of Parshuram and is located at a distance of 45 kms from the city.

3. Tincha Falls: At a distance of only 25 kms from the city, Tincha falls are considered as a must visit. The view here is breath-taking. The magical waterfall at a height of 300 mts is perfect for all the nature lovers. The place unveils its real beauty during monsoons but swimming and bathing here is a big NO.

4. Jam Gate: A favorite picnic spot for all the bhutta lovers of Indore. Jam gate is 25 kms away from the city but the lush greens and curvy roads to reach there are much more beautiful. The gate is at a hill top and from there you can witness the scenic view of dense forests. Perfect for long drives and of course, your instagram pictures.

5. Patalpani waterfalls: Located in Mhow district of the city, it is popular getaway of local Indoris. Clear skies, dense forests and majestic hills can drive anyone crazy but visitors are advised to be cautious as the track becomes slippery during the monsoons. The sound of clear water is so soothing to ears that you never want to leave place.

6. Chidiya Bhadak waterfalls: Yet another natural beauty spot located in Indore. Surrounded by greenery, the foamy white water fall gives a pleasing view to eyes. Located at a distance of about 55 kms from the city, this place allows you to trek and you can capture the scenic view.

7. Hanuwantiya: An amazing place to find peace and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. An island surrounded by Indira river, Hanuwantiya is a must visit place if you are in Indore. Located at a distance of 138 kms from Indore, this place is best for cruising and sight seeing.


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