Holi is the most significant festival of India and is celebrated in various places in many ways. Holi without delicious food cannot be celebrated in India. It is one of the famous festivals of the spring season. Holi is a festival of colors as well as a variety of foods. So today we will tell you about 5 delicious dishes specially made on Holi.

Gujiya Recipe

This is the recipe which is made by fine flour (maida) knead and cut into thin palm-sized sheets which will be stuffed with khoya (mawa) or suji mixed with sugar, cardamom, and husk of dry fruits, ghee, etc. it will be made in the crescent-shaped that are deep-fried in refined oil later and served on a plate with a napkin. Before serving it, soak in sugar syrup. It is much popular in the northern part of India. It is the most likely sweet in Holi and Diwali. You can add dry fruits dust outside, which makes it testier. There are many avatars of Gujiyas nowadays like baked Gujiya, chocolate Gujiya, coconut Gujiya, etc.Gujiya is also called by Karanji, ghugra, karajikai in few parts of India.

Bhang ki Thandai

Bhang ki Thandai is an Indian milk drink, and it affects the natural cooling of the body. It is made of milk, almond, rose petals, pepper, saffron, cardamom, sugar, and weed paste (bhang). It is the most liked drinkable recipe in Holi. Without this recipe, Holi is incomplete. People believe that it provides relief or relaxation to the whole body. After having it later, you can forget everything else.

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Dahi Vada

Washed urad is soaked overnight, and later it will be shaped as a vada after making fine paste. Dahi Vada chutney is made of urad, coriander leaves or mint leaves, chili powder, black pepper, chat masala, boondi, green chilies, sliced ginger, etc. After frying the vada, it will soak in thick curd water. In Maharastra and Gujrat, it is made by sweet cud. It is also made mainly in every house while celebrating Holi. It is a traditional food recipe.


Rasmalai is one of the best sweets made up of milk. It is called “Rasomalai” in west Bengal. It is made of thick milk cottage shaped in balls and later dipped thick milk syrup. The milk cottage-shaped balls are made by putting some vinegar or lemon juice while boiling later, the milk will split, and after getting cold, we can shape it into balls. It is served mostly cold or hot. Adding saffron and rose water makes Rasmalai more delicious.

Fritters (Pakora)

There are varieties of pakora made on Holi like cutting part of Potato, chili, Brinjal, onion, cauliflower, spinach, etc. It is made from various vegetables, spices, soaked gram syrup, and deep-fried in refined oil. Bhang is a popular material that is used in celebrating Holi. If you want to serve differently, you can serve pakora with bhang chutney else, and you can use Mint or coriander as a chutney. It is the most famous streets food in the northern part of India.


You can try these recipes in Holi, which will make your Holi festival cheesier. These recipes are primarily prepared on the occasion of Holi in every house. Holi cannot be adequately celebrated without delicious food, so many varieties of delicious foods would be prepared.


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