Once your kids enter the teen, they are no longer kids. Maybe for you, they will still be very small, but they will not take it kindly if you still treat them like kids. They can get annoyed with petty things and they might have some mood swings as well. But you need to follow certain child parenting tips once they become teenagers. Most parents do not do this and make the situation worse. These are totally different from new-born parenting tips. So, let us first understand the mistakes parents commit.


Pitfalls to avoid while dealing with your teenage kid


 1 Do not leave the teens alone

Raising a teenager can be quite challenging and not many parents are up for it. Hence, they end up letting their kids mind their own businesses. This can lead to many problems and they end up as wayward or spoilt youth. Ideally, you should focus on your kid’s interests and hobbies, no matter if those things go over your head. You should also strive to open a new channel of communication to reconnect with your teenaged kids. So, do not make the mistake of ignoring their activities.


2 Overdependence on parenting books or journals

As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, you should not solely rely on books for the child parenting tips to deal with your teenaged kids. These books are not bad in any manner, but over-dependence can turn you into a slave and stop you from trusting your gut instincts. Books have to be used only to get a good understanding of your ward’s bad behavior and then interpret that learning in your own way to deal with the problem. So, don’t blindly follow what is written in a book.


3 Don’t indulge in protectionism

There are things you might not like about your kids like a haircut or choice of costumes. Or they might not have got the subjects you know they truly deserved. However, before interfering observe the larger picture. In case, it is not endangering the child in any way, offer them the freedom to take age-appropriate calls and allow them to learn from the repercussion of their choices. Shielding your child from the realities of life prohibits them from learning good opportunities. So, avoid such mistakes for the welfare of your teenage kids.


4 Balancing act is essential

There are some parents, who after finding out that they have lost a grip over their teens’ behavior, turn control freaks every time they breach the line. Then there are parents, who out of fear of igniting a fight, stop intervening in any matter of their wards. Do not do any of these things. The parents need to strike a perfect balance between obedience and freedom and prevent their wards from going astray.



These are some of the common mistakes parents make and end up creating more problems for themselves. So, avoid these faults to ensure that your teenage kids get the best upbringing possible.


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