With holidays waiting just round the corner, the search for a perfect weekend getaway has increased many folds. If you are tired of the urban life and the grind of the boring routine existence, then the countryside may be a good option for you to explore. The breath of fresh air, set amidst the unpolluted environment and breath taking scenery, is sure to captivate your heart. Perhaps this is why it is said that the countryside refreshes you in a way such that you bounce back to your everyday life with a new lease of life!

Interesting Farm Options near Delhi

If you have decided to spend your holiday in the country side, the next question that comes up is which of the farm stays are good and what are the amenities they offer. Here is a list of farms that can offer you the most refreshing getaway and promise to leave you with memories that will last beyond lifetime. So let the countdown begin:

1. Prakriti farm

If you are a lover of the raw nature just as it appears in the adventure tales, then the Prakriti farm may just be the place for. Situated just a 5 hours’ drive away from Delhi. It is also situated in close proximity to another important city Chandigarh, which is merely 45 km away from it.

Ideal for a short weekend getaway, it gives you the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of family life. The accommodation options here are also pretty amazing and unique in themselves. There is also the option of staying in a Luxury Swiss Tents. There is also an amazing view of the Shiwalik ranges and the staffs too are very amiable.
Distance from Delhi: 200 km
Average Cost: 5,000 for two people

2. The Ramgarh heritage Villa

An erstwhile 5 star hotel, the Ramgarh heritage villa has now been turned into a perfectly relaxed and laid back heritage villa now. Offering you breath-taking view of the entire Dhuladhar range and with the gurgling sound of the Beas to compliment it, it is the perfect haven for your weekend escapade.
This property is so highly popular that even the likes of Jawaharlal Nehru have visited it. The weather is also very pleasant compared to the dry arid conditions of Delhi.
Distance from Delhi: 507 km
Average cost: 6,000 for two people

3. Surjivan Farm

If you are not willing to travel too far or if you are in a want of time, then the Surjivan farm which is located in Gurgaon itself may be the ideal option for you. At just an hour’s drive away from Delhi, the farm is located off the NH-8, better known as the Jaipur Highway.

Boasting of a vast cover of greenery along with its earthy accommodations, this palace has also won recognition from leading travel magazine. While the entire décor has been done keeping in view the rural theme of the place, there is no want when it comes to modern facilities
Distance from Delhi: 61.3km
Average cost: 4,000 for two people

4. The Kuflon Basics House

Located at about 385 km away from New Delhi in the little hamlet, Village Kuflon, UttarKashi, the farm derives its name from the village after which it has been named, the homestay boasts of a mesmerising view of the Assi Ganga Valley. Tasty home cooked fares are also served here.
If you are an adventurous soul, you may even set out on trekking tours from here, as there are many trekking routes in close proximity to the farm.
Distance from Delhi: 385 km
Average cost: 4000 for two people

5. Bannai Khera Farm

Supported by the Haryana tourism department itself, this farm sets the bench mark for sustainable farm tourism. Run by the community, here you get to experience the warmth and hospitality which is hard to find among urbanites. Though it is situated only a 1.5 hours away from West Delhi, it in a sense takes you back to the olden times with its rustic and rural India theme, which has an authentic touch to it.

Apart from this the farm also boasts of a number of exciting activities both for the adults and children. It is therefore ideal for visits with your entire family. The farm also specialises in the traditional Indian cuisines
Distance from Delhi: 87.3 km
Average Cost: 8000 for a family of 3

6. Laksh farms

Situated just 30 minutes away from Gurgaon, Laksh is perched upon a picturesque valley of the Aravalli Hills. The rolling grasslands dotted with cane chairs and thatched shades definitely make you feel very relaxed. The food at the farm is also equally sumptuous.

In this farm you do not have to worry about missing out on your important calls or emails, as the signal strength is strong and even Wi-Fi is available here.
Distance from Delhi: 58.5 km
Average cost: 4000

7. The Exquisite Pools

If you are looking for a much personalised farm experience, then the Exquisite Pools with Two Rooms may be the place for you. Catering the idea of a modern day farm, the farm features rooms that bring to you all the modern amenities that you can expect in any modern day hotels. Located just 8km away from the Qutub Minar, the property also features a sparkling pool, with deck pools by their side. The farm also offers its guests the most savoury continental food.

The Exquisite pool is also the ideal kind of property for hosting private farm parties or pool parties and other such events.
Distance from Delhi: 11 miles from Rashtrapati bhavan
Average cost: 4,500 for two people

8. House of kaapili

Located among the abundant greenery of greater Noida, this farm offers not only the goodness of nature but yoga classes to its guests. Totally steeped in the Indian tradition, this homestay is equally suitable for both the corporate travellers as well as the leisure seekers.

The property is managed by a sister duo and they try their level best to ensure that all their guests are totally comfortable and enjoying their stay in the place
Distance from Delhi: 30 km
Average cost: 6000 for one

9. The Lazy Patio

Can you imagine an entire farmhouse whose interiors boast of fine polished wood while the exteriors boast of some of the most exquisite plant species along with a giant windmill- this is what Lazy patio has to offer for you.

The food offered ranges from continental to Indian such that there is something to cater to every taste bud. The staffs are amiable and friendly, ensuring that you have the best time while staying with them.
Distance from Delhi: 2.3 km from Qutub Minar (In Huaz-khaz village)
Average cost: 5000 for two people including food

10. Kotwara Farm

If you have ever aspired to live in the celebrity style, then the Kotwara farm can help you get your dreams come true. Designed by some of the most famous designers and painters, the entire property speaks of the opulence and grandeur. The farm also boasts of a sprawling garden along with a stable. It is located along the Gurgaon Faridabad Road and can be reached in less than an hour from Delhi.
Distance from Delhi: 22 kms from the capital city
Average cost: 15,000 for two people

Farms calling for globetrotters
Spending tranquil hours of rest and repose with your friends, family, peers, or beloveds can be an event in itself. Now, that you have this handy guide right out here, start packing your bags and get going today!


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