“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

If you are a woman, you will agree that it’s not easy to be ONE. Be it locally or Internationally, we as women are bound to get judged, scrutinised & challenged ALL the time.

Sometimes for our looks, Some times for our bodies, Some times for our adaptability, some time for being extra sensitive, some times for shedding those extra tears, sometimes for putting a brave face during tough situations, some times for taking a stand for our own selves, some time on the way we raise our kids, some times for our values & believes in life & what not!! There is absolutely no end to it.

The worse of all is when we compete with our women instead of empowering them & try to pull them down.

Before you enjoy that Free coffee OR a parlour deal on the account of Women’s Day, let’s make a promise to each other. Let’s promise to stand for each other. To help uplift our tribe. 🙂

Do you realise that once we do that, this world will become a lot better. If we initiate a small change in our attitude towards other women. Be supportive of girls trying hard to achieve their dreams of education, be supportive of someone leaving their professional life behind in order to raise a family. Be supportive of some one who marries the love of their life by breaking the ties of religion & hollow caste system, be supportive of someone who works hard at work & harder at home too. Be supportive because it doesn’t cost anything.

If we all as a society can be a little appreciative about how each & every women is functioning & managing 10 different roles at a given point of time THEN we are no less than the Super Hero you see on the Big Screen. Look no further, search no further, just be a little appreciative & that will be enough to give us wings to fly & make this life worth celebrating.

Happy Women’s Day!!


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